Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Day of Alliteration

I’m thinking this Thursday I should post progress on my project. But first, it seems I should impart my intentions. When I endeavor to create one of my bears&boxes pieces, one of my objectives is a little “Oh!” No huge hoopla or terrific to-do. Just a simple little surprise. Ideally, you would initially see the box from the front fastened. Maybe you would be curious about its contents. Then you would open it for the little “Oh!” - a bit of a bliss, or perhaps pleasure, would follow upon seeing its insides. You might linger to discover details or peruse the prose. Or maybe not . . .

Onto the photos of my project –

With sticky fingers, I managed to paste the paper to the insides.

After much research, I chose a cool quote and created the copy.

Here you have a view of the vines – I was trying to choose a prime placement.

I dithered a while on the color, but finally the wood sticks are stained.

The next thing was to trim the text.

Mark my words: Moss can be messy.

That’s all for now – Adios and adieu.

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