Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finishing Up – The “Hand” Project

Finally, I can see the end of this project coming! I hope to photograph it later today and post the results later tonight or tomorrow. Since my conversation with my little bear friend, I did get the transfers completed. I also finished painting and glittering the mushrooms. I added a touch of glitter to the background, too. The hand has been refinished and installed, the window completed, the hardware reapplied, and the mohair dyed. It seems like it should be time for a vacation! Some warm and sunny clime with sandy beaches and gently tumbling surf sounds like a good getaway. I could take a book and have it open on my lap while I actually dose under a massive brightly colored umbrella as the wind gently blows.

Thud! Slam!

Oh, that? That was Reality arriving in my studio. And Reality rarely lets me indulge in wishful thinking too long, especially when there is a show in the not too distant future. I’d best get back to work before Reality brings his friend Ima Behind. More later . . .

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ginger...You have created quite the vision.
    I seem to have that same "Ima Behind" friend just lurking...have a great day finishing your project.

    Hugs, Nancy


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