Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paint, Paint

I promise I wasn’t looking out the window all day at the snow. Over the last few days I have been making some progress on my hand project. The first thing I did was give everything a base coat of white paint. Even the little mushrooms get painted.

Previously, I had meticulously sawed a rectangular hole with an itty bitty, teensy weensy, yes-I’m-crazy saw. It’s all part of the plan. It’s just that I don’t always know what I’m in for when I get an idea. You can see some texture with the lettering too.

A decision on color has to come in sometime and so I dragged out a few papers. The outside will be painted but I wanted the inside to be covered in paper. Somewhere in this stack is just the right piece of paper.

Back to the paint pots again. I’m not particularly fond of this color, but it’s part of the process. Sometimes it has to be kind of yucky before I get to the “that’s much better” phase.

More paint – just getting started. I like pink and am glad to be able to dip my brush into this color.

Here we are about a million paint colors later. I don’t think this photo does the combination as much justice as it should. It has a lovely iridescent sheen that isn’t so obvious here.

Here’s a close-up shot of a bit of the detail on the front of the box. Now it’s beginning to turn into something.

I really like this photo – maybe I should stop here? Perhaps I’ll keep working. The inside is next. I can’t put away my paints yet. Those little mushrooms are still white.


  1. Hi Ginger...
    Thank-you so much for the tag..I have to get to that in the next day or so.
    And snow...it looks lovely...although I'm not sure "lovely" is the right word in your neck of the woods! There is something so peaceful about fresh snow.
    Your project looks so interesting. Love the paint colors and raised lettering. You have me glued!

    Hugs, Nancy

  2. I've popped in to let you know I'm passing on a blog award to you; all the details are on my blog if you'd like to take part.
    Elanor @ shantockbears@blogspot.com


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