Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lost Things – Part II of III

Is something lost if you know where it is generally, but not specifically? I guess that’s more of a philosophical question. Lost things can be annoying or irritating, but they can also become part of stories that you tell and retell.

When our daughter was young, she came down with a case of the croup, or do you say croup? I never have figured that out. Anyway, we called her doctor after hours to ask what we should do. It’s always seems like it’s after regular office hours when you really need a doctor’s opinion. After listening to our daughter breathe over the phone, she said take her to the ER (emergency room). So we headed off to the hospital where they treated her and after a while they were ready to send her home. That’s the short version of what transpired. As hospitals will often do for children, they gave her a teddy bear to take with her when she left. It was cute and she loved it right away.

Here’s his photo:

At church one day, she took it out on the playground to push it in a swing. You didn’t know teddy bears like to swing? Oh, they love it. They absolutely love to swing! Later after we had returned home and my daughter was getting ready for bed, she went looking for the teddy. Oh no! It must still be at the church. I promised her I would call over the first thing in the morning, because by the time we found out we didn’t have it, the church was locked, people had left and it was raining outside.

The next day, I called a friend who had an office near the playground. I explained my situation and she was so understanding, she immediately said, “Hold on. I’ll go out and take a look.” She came back and said, “Yes, he was still out there, sitting in the swing all soaking wet from the rain.” She promised to hold onto him until I could come and retrieve him. When I did, she didn’t hand me a soaking wet teddy. She had taken the time to dry him several times in the dryer. How kind and thoughtful was that? The bear looked at me as if to say, “Oh. Is it time to go already? I was having such fun.”

In his little teddy bear mind, he hadn’t realized how worried I had been. Where did this worry over the well being of these little guys come from? I’m starting to wonder.

To be continued . . .

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