Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lost Things – Part III of III

Thinking on lost things, I go back to this story, my last one of Lost Things. When I was about 5 or 6 years old my oldest sister came home from college for a couple of days with a Christmas gift from her secret sister. It was a wonderfully soft, cuddly brown teddy bear. He immediately captured my heart. The only problem was that he wasn’t mine . . . yet. I wasn’t above asking her if I could have him even though I knew it was rude. In fact, I wasn’t above begging her for him. Still, even at that age, I knew you could push someone only so far before you irritated the heck out of them and made them want to wring your neck! After getting some non-committal answer for a day or two, I decided I had to be patient.

Eventually, she relented. I don’t know why. No one in their right mind would have let this bear go, but I wasn’t about to question her decision. After that it was Brownie ‘n me everywhere, all the time. In our backyard, we had a playhouse that we enjoyed immensely. One day, I went in for dinner after playing all day in the playhouse. I didn’t think about Brownie being outside until time to go to bed. By that time, it was stormy but I reassured myself that Brownie would be okay in the playhouse until morning. I rushed out there immediately upon waking up and found the door had blown open during the night. Stuff had been jostled a bit and Brownie was no where around. I determined that some neighborhood dogs had probably gone into the playhouse, sniffed around a bit, picked up Brownie and carted him off.

There was no time to waste. I immediately began searching for him. After a day or two with no luck, I set out again determined to cover every square inch of all the neighborhood yards. My good fortune came when I spotted something I initially thought was a leaf but turned out to be my bear. Talk about joy! I didn’t care that he was wet, smelly, had two torn arms, torn ears, and a missing nose and mouth.

Several trips in the dryer and half of a bottle of baby powder later, we were a pair again. I safety-pinned his arms, sloppily sewed his ears, and pinned a flower on his face for a nose. We were good to go. Much later, after I could wield a needle and thread properly, I dispensed with the safety pins and sewed him up. He’s a happy camper these days. So am I. He sits and I sew. Sometimes I can lose myself in my sewing, but I try really hard not to lose any teddy bears.


  1. lovely teddy bear. and touching stories, thank you for sharing this special histories.

  2. Oh, you are so inspirational, I have loved you bears for a long time & you blog is truly beautiful.:]

  3. I so wish that I still had the teddy from my childhood - I loved him to bits but unfortunately have no idea of what finally happened to him!

  4. Hi Ginger...Oh, I am so glad your little bear was rescued! What a wonderful treasure. Your stories are so much fun to read...

    Have a great day!
    Thanks for visiting
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. i love a story with a happy ending:) i am glad that you still have your precious Brownie to keep you company while you sew!!!

  6. Thank you all for your responses! I am so glad you enjoyed the stories. I appreciate your visits!


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