Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rules of the Road

The last couple of days I have been gathering, packing, and generally moving around the house and studio a lot more than usual. We are heading out for Teddies Spring Show tomorrow. The funny thing is that I haven’t actually told all the bears about our trip. They tend to get a little overexcited and it’s nearly impossible to think and plan while trying to answer all their questions. So I was just trying to carry on like it was an ordinary day. What I didn’t realize was how observant they can be.

I had retrieved a couple of show things from one spot and was moving it to another when I noticed one little bear was following me. Ignore him, ignore him, I chanted to myself. Soon another joined him and then it wasn’t long before everywhere I went I had a train of teddy bears following me. A mischievous thought crossed my mind that maybe I should stop suddenly in my tracks and watch them all bump into one another, but I figured I’d better not.

Out of the blue, one teddy spoke up and asked, “What are you doing?” “Me?” I innocently replied. “Yes, what are YOU doing? You are usually glued to your desk or the computer. Sometimes we might even see you in the kitchen, but this is different. You have been up, down, and all around – several times” he said.

I knew this might happen but I just hadn’t figured it would be at that moment when I was smack in the middle of going through my list to make sure I have everything for our trip, the show and my sanity. (Okay, I admit that last one is a lost cause.) I decided the time had arrived and I would have to tell them and hope that I can still salvage part of this day.

“Why don’t all of you sit down and I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing.” They all sit down, right there where they had been standing just seconds before. Their little ears perked, eyes staring intently at me, and not one of them was fidgeting. Here goes.

Me: I . . . well, all of us . . . we are going to the teddy bear show - tomorrow.
First little bear: In an airplane?
Me: No.
Second little bear: On a train?
Me: No.
Third little bear: By bus?
Me: No.
Fourth little bear: What other way is there?
Me: We are going by car.
All of them in unison: By car???!!!
Me: Yes, by car and before you start calling window seat and shotgun and asking ‘how much farther?’ and ‘are we there yet?’ I have to tell you the rules of the road.

#1 No signs in the rear window with funny sayings like “We’re being kidnapped!” or “The lady up front is driving us crazy!” or “Just married!” Stuff like that.
#2 No tricks like telling me five minutes after we have left the rest stop that we left someone behind when we really haven’t.
#3 Singing is fine as long as it’s not “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”.
#4 Just for your information, cooties have been eradicated. Cootie shots and fear of getting someone’s cooties are unnecessary.
#5 You have to talk like pirates for the entire trip. (I made that last one up because I need something to amuse me!)

Me: That’s all. You can go now.
The bears all start scrambling for the door and I realize I’ve been terribly misunderstood.
Me, calling after them: I meant you can go about your business. It’s not time to get in the car. You don’t get in the car until tomorrow!


  1. I hope you have a great trip and that the bears behave themselves and abide by your rule. I would that's for sure so can I come too please?

  2. Have a safe and fun trip to and from MD! And to your little friends may they have a safe trip up and an excting trip to their new homes!
    Have fun for me this year as I am not going! Make sure my Mom behaves! LisaK

  3. Love it! Someone else realizes you must discuss things with your bears. I am not alone in this. Sharon PS Have a fun trip!


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