Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surprise Inspection

Just the other day, I left my studio to get the mail and make some lunch. I decided I could save a little time if I brought the mail and the lunch back to my studio so I could get right back to work. I heard some voices coming from my studio, so I stopped at the door to see if I could figure out what was going on. I could say I wasn’t eavesdropping, but that wouldn’t be true. I was.

What I saw was 3 little bears standing up in front of all the others who were in a small group. The main bear in the center front was being referred to as Lieutenant O’Brian. The bear on his left was being called Sergeant Baker. Lt. O’Brian was addressing the small group of teddies.

This is what I overheard:

Lt. O’Brian: I decided to check with you all since we’ll be hitting the road in a mere two weeks. Is anyone in need of anything?


Lt. O’B: Come on, now. Don’t be shy.
A little voice from the group: Sir, I, uh . . .
Lt. O’B: Speak up son. Let’s hear it.
Little voice: Sir, I, uh . . . I’m missing . . . missing . . .
Lt. O’B: Spit it out.
Little voice: BOW! I’m missing my bow!
Lt. O’B: Did you get that Sergeant?
Sergeant Baker: Sir, yes sir. Minus one bow.
Lt. O’B: Anyone else? You there. The fuzzy brown fellow. Got something to say?
FBF: Uh, sir. I don’t have a b-b-b-b . . . BELL!
Lt. O’B: Good gracious! No bell?! Sergeant – write that down.
SB: Sir, yes sir. Missing bell.
Lt. O’B: Any more of you clowns have anything else I need to know?

A shy hand rises from a colorful furry individual.

Lt. O’B: You, with your hand raised. What is it?
CFI: Sir, I don’t have my pom . . . my pom . . . my POM POMS!
Lt. O’B: No pom poms? What on earth is going on here? Sergeant?
SB: Sir, yes sir. I already have it. No pom poms.

Lt. O’B: One last time. Any of the rest of you yokels missing anything else?
Another bear hand creeps slowly into the air.
Lt. O’B: What is it son? And speak up so I can hear you loud and clear!
Bear: Sir? Sir? I’m . . . n-n-n-n . . .
Lt. O’B: Get it out boy. I haven’t got all day.
Bear: I’m NAKKID!
Lt. O’B: Sergeant?
SB: Sir, yes sir. Got it. One bare bear.

Lt. O’B: What in the world is going on here? No bows, no bells, no pom poms!
He then turns and sees me standing there behind him.
Lt. O’B: You! Are you responsible for this?
Me: Uh, sir, yes sir. I think so, sir. I’ve been busy, sir.
Lt. O’B: I see. What’s that in your hand?
Me: My lunch sir.
Lt. O’B: And in the other hand?
Me: The mail, sir. It’s a magazine, sir.
Lt. O’B: You haven’t the time for lunch! Hand me that plate! And you might as well give me the magazine too. It’ll give me something to read while I eat. You need to get over here and get back to work!
Me: But, sir, my lunch . . .
Lt. O’B: You can eat later.

That’s what happens when you get caught eavesdropping. Next time, you can be sure I’m going to eat before I come back to my studio.


  1. Oh Ginger. This is SO funny. It really makes me smiles. I love those conversations between your bears. Wish I could have seen it :D

  2. Lieutenant bearis very strict! ,although,poor bears without pompom, or elbow, or bell! (sighs)

  3. Yip, these little creatures most certainly rule the studio!

  4. These little creatures most certainly rule supreme in the studio!

  5. You are a wonderful story teller...adorable. I guess you will have to have lunch under the table...out of site!!
    Cute little backsides on those bears.

    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  6. Ginger you do have an imagination and you pull it off so believable. :) You go girl !!! It is always nice to smile and belive in something no matter what it is. I say people are way to serious.


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