Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summertime. . .

It feels like summertime to me here where I am. I realize that the official start of summer is over 3 weeks away and some are still in school but for us, I feel as if it’s begun. Yesterday was the last day of school for my daughter. Not just for the year either. She came home and told me with great joy I no longer had a kid in high school!

I hope she won’t mind if I post a photo of an old-looking bear she made. Not just any ol’ bear, but one she designed from scratch and sewed herself. While I gave her some guidance when she asked for it, mostly I wondered if she had somehow just absorbed the knack for making bears by being around it all her life. I think he’s a charming little character.

Yesterday was also the day I had my Spring Internet show. I had worked for weeks and it culminated with the debut of several bears – a few of which found new places to live. This is a photo of one of my favorites that I was able to send off to a new home. Have fun little Beebee! Fly away!

So today feels a little like the beginning of summer. There are still things to do, objects to clean, responsibilities to meet, but somehow all these things seem less urgent. The weather has been almost perfect for sitting in the glider and watching the birds, drinking tea on the porch, and saying hello to the occasional neighbor passing by. I’ve even managed to begin reading a new book. (I try not to pick one up if I feel I don’t have time to read it because once I begin, the house could fall in and I’d never know it, according to my amusing husband.)

The curious thing to me, and I don’t know how it is for you, but in the run up to a deadline, I try to maintain my focus, keeping to the tasks at hand. Yet while in the midst of all the work, my mind wanders to other projects I could be working on, things I want to try my hand at, places I want to go, and people I want to see. So I begin a list that is titled: Things to Do This Summer

On a day like today, the empty blocks on the calendar seem ripe for all kinds of opportunities for exploration: museum exhibits, travel plans, flea market visits. Will I do all of these things? Perhaps, maybe, probably not – but the possibility exists. I hope I won’t waste it.

But just for today, I will revel in that feeling. You know the one. The one when the last school bell rings and all the kids are making a mad dash for freedom, hoopin’ and hollerin’, jumping to touch the door frame one last time, running for home.


  1. cute bears, both. I like the borwn bear,remeber me the bear os my child age; the beebee bear is so original and cute.
    within 3 weeks my daughter and my husband go on holiday, we will go to Lisbon as every year, my husband takes vacation to work with the group of ITER (nuclear fusion), then in Madrid we almost live inside the pool, the heat is huge, but what we remember most is to be the 3 together, calm, and ice cream!

  2. How did I miss your Spring Internet Show. I think your bears are absolutely wonderful. And your daughters is wonderful too. She must have bear making in her blood because it looks so perfect.

  3. Enjoyed all of your post today ... very pretty presentation. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. YEAH Clair!! Happy Beginning of the rest of your life. I think I remember the last day of High School Better than College. Enjoy your summer do what you want. Try to read and not have your lovely house fall down around you! hehehe! LOVED the show yesterday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Mom came in to look, She wants Clair to make her a bear! One to go please!
    Hugs, Jimsey and Lisa

  6. the bear your daughter made is really charming. i like how he looks, in his torn shirt. good influence.

    happy summer.


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