Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Fine Idea

I’ve thought and I’ve thought. I’ve pondered and wondered. I’ve contemplated and deliberated.

I’m under the impression that it should be monumental, fantastic, impressive, and significant.

But I came up empty.

So, I decided to seek a little bit of counsel with Dr. T. Bear. I just call him Dr. B.

Me: Thanks for squeezing me in Dr. B. I’ve got a bit of a dilemma.
Dr. B: How can I help you today?
Me: It’s about the 100th.
Dr. B: The 100th what?
Me: Didn’t I say? Oh, well, the 100th blog post.
Dr. B: And . . .?
Me: I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, isn’t it supposed to be grand, stupendous and colossal?
Dr. B: What would I know? I just sit here all day and stare at walls.
Me: Yeah, right. Okay, so I’ve read blogs where they do something fantastic to celebrate this . . . this . . .I guess you would call it a milestone.
Dr. B: What about a giveaway? You could give something away. I hear that’s a good way to go.
Me: Uh-h-h, good idea Doc, but I’ve already got a giveaway going. See the counter at the top?
Dr. B: Oh, yes. I’d forgotten.
Me: Only 20 days left too. It’s getting close! But that’s not going to solve my problem.
Dr. B: Okay, let’s look at it from another angle. What if you were in a room, a big room, with all the other blog people.
Me: They call them bloggers, Doc.
Dr. B: Don’t interrupt.
Me: Sorry. Please continue.
Dr. B: Say you were in a room with those who write the blogs you read and those who read and comment on your blog.
Me: You mean those people who have such fascinating blogs? The ones who inspire me with their insights? The ones who have superb photography? The ones who are so prolific that every post is littered with creations they have completed? The people who make me want to be a better person or more creative? The people who have made me laugh? The ones who take me to places that I might otherwise never see? The ones who let me peek into their studios or their shopping bags? The ones . . .
Dr. B: Excuse me, I get your point. Yes, those people – the readers, the commentators, and the bloggers. If you were in a room with them, what would you say or do?
Me: Oh, well, I’d tell them how much they have inspired me, entertained me, and befriended me. How much they have enriched my life in one way or another and . . . and . . . and . . . I’d tell them thanks. Not just any ol’ thanks. But a humongous thanks. Like with really big letters in a rainbow of colors – big and bold and wonderful.
Dr. B: And what about giving them something?
Me: Oooh. I’d love to do that,too. I know! I know! I could give them a big ol’ bear hug!
Dr. B: Sounds like a fine idea. I’m glad we got that sorted out. Now I’ve got an appointment with a cup of tea.
Me: Thanks for helping me out Dr. B. Enjoy your tea.

So, to all of you family, friends, readers and fellow bloggers I’m taking this opportunity to say

and to give you this


  1. What a great sentiment and as Ellen says, "Right back at you." Thanks for your blog.

  2. Oh you are welcome! Thank you for such an interesting and entertaining blog to read! Happy 100!
    HUGS, Lisa

  3. Here's to the next hundred. I love reading your blog. Pam xx

  4. Aren't you adorable! That is a clever post. Congrats & many more blogs to go ... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Happy 100th post !!
    Thank you for this,your blog,my inspiration.


  6. What a wonderful post. I love Dr.B, he is so smart. Now I really understand why your bears have such great personalities. Congrats on your 100th. Sharon And thanks for the hug!

  7. Ha ha, that is simply the sweetest post!!! You are so funny!! Did it feel like you were really seeing Dr. B? Ha ha, now you have to make a Dr. B bear!!!
    Margaret B (no relation)

  8. What an adorable POST! And such a creative way to do this. I am sooooooooooo sorry I got the sign up link worng for your give away. I think I was in a hurry when i was doing that & got Lisa's or was confussed... ????? Anyway, please enter me & I will fix the link! Again so sorry! And I am so glad you came by to tell me of my error. Hope you will come again soon. LOVE YOUR BEAR!

  9. 100, Yea!
    you write a good blog Ginger, and we are all cheered by reading it. We appreciate you too!


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