Saturday, July 25, 2009

First of Three - NYC Shops

As you can well imagine, I did not get to all the shops I would have liked to have visited. I'll keep a list of the ones I missed and maybe on my next trip to NYC, I will be able to visit them. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you three of my favorites. I heard about this one from Lili M., a blogger who posted photos of her visit to NYC. When I saw the pictures she had taken, I added it to my list.

This is Fishs Eddy. It is a place to buy dishes, glassware, some things for the kitchen, a little of this and a little of that. Not that I actually need any of those things . . .

I think what is great about this place it the way everything is displayed. In another store, maybe these things wouldn't be so fascinating.

As you enter, you see this display of glove molds. They also had some reproductions in smaller sizes. The place has dishes stacked on the floor, not just in this photo but throughout the store.

It isn't that big of a place as this photo seems to imply. I was standing at almost the very back wall of the store looking towards the front door when I took this photo.

This photo was taken from near the front of the store looking towards the back. Some of the offerings are vintage and some are new. Some are exclusively Fishs Eddy. All of it was tempting and charming.

These polka-dotted dishes were very colorful. If only I had needed some new dishes and had a way to get them home . . .

This wall was where you could find most of the vintage china. Some of it was from restaurants and others who-knows-where.

As you can see in this next photo, the wares encompassed a bunch of different designs and styles, some reproductions, and some plain ol' clear glassware (those you can't see those in this one).

I could have browsed in Fishs Eddy for quite a long time. My husband probably thinks I did. There was lots to see and the prices were pretty reasonable. You could buy a fork, knife or spoon for 99 cents or spend a little more and get something fancier like this cheese tray made to look like graph paper and cups that looked like composition books or you could take home . . .

a glass cake plate in your choice of colors - pink, blue, green and a variety of styles - square, round, plain, fancy.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Fishs Eddy. Tomorrow I will take you to a place you've probably heard of if you haven't actually been there yourself. It was one of the places I was determined to see for myself - in person. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you'll join me for Shop Number 2.

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  1. What a lovely shop! I would have picked the polka dotted dishes too! So cute! Thanks for sharing!


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