Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Need of a Bit of Advice – I know you’re good for it

but first . . .in the midst of putting things back together around here, I’ve learned a few things.

- This piece of plastic will go into the Hall of Fame for its ability to stop progress for 30 minutes while you try to fish it out of a ceiling fan.

- No matter how many trips you make to Home Depot, there’s almost always at least one thing you discover you need after you return home.

- It is better to wear old shoes when you spray primer, otherwise it looks like you have a strange skin disease on the bottom of your feet.

- It is possible to make your own ironing board, but there is no record for how long you can expect such an item to last. Time will tell, maybe.

- White is not consistently white everywhere.

- You can get a 1” X 12” X 4 foot board in a Mini Cooper without any problem.

- My husband and I both have a defiant side. He because it’s only a little – cut, tear, sting, blood, or bite and doesn’t need first aid. Me - because I think I can move furniture by myself until I can’t get it through the door. After a while, it’s just funny. As he has become fond of saying recently, “Never a dull moment in the Brame household.”

- These next little devices are the coolest things since sliced bread. Very handy when you have so many electrical cords you could actually create a map of the entire interstate system.

- When you are looking for something in a store, people will come up to you and ask you “Are looking for something?” And when you reply, “Yes, where is _____?” they say, “Well, I don’t actually work here.”

- And finally, it is so much easier to drill holes in a piece of board when the drill is not going in reverse.

So, here’s my question for you. Should I put things in place that I think I will be using consistently before I return to my studio work or should I begin working and then as I discover I need something, retrieve it and put it in a proper place? Then, once you’ve sorted that out, which came first - the chicken or the egg?


  1. I would put them in place first... for two reasons:
    1. For some reason, putting stuff back into a newly redecorated room (or into a new room, for that matter) and organizing it all so that it's just right is immensely satisfying... and seeing the whole room set up in its new design is fantastic!
    2. If it were me... as I used things and then put them in the room, I would probably decide "Oh, maybe that shouldn't go there..." move it... and end up with a crazy pile of odds and ends that will drive me insane.

    That's me though... from what I've seen of your stuff... you always seem much more organized. :)

  2. OH my goodness Ginger! All of the above can be simply answered by your Bears. They know, just look at them . They are just waiting for you to ask. You might want to slip over to my shop for the answer about the chicken or the egg as I just finished a little something on that subject. Sharon PS Can't promise it will answer your ? though....

  3. I would be gathering them up as I needed them, that way you're not wasting time away from creating, and they will all find their place in the fullness of time. I'm a firm believer in not putting things away though, which turned out to be a good thing last summer when a snake found it's way into the house. Luckily the cobweb broom was handy and I was able to wrangle it into a corner before it disappeared under the furniture. Actually it was a miracle that the broom was there too, it doesn't often see the light of day :) You definitely have a chicken and egg dilemma.

  4. Hello Heather, Sharon and Linda! Brilliant all! Thank you so much. I've been away today and come back to find much to ponder. Maybe I'll do a little bit of all these things - put some things in like Heather recommended, talk to the bears a bit, and then make some undecideds wait until I've sorted whether they'll be useful or not. I do hope there won't be any snakes wandering in because my broom is all the way downstairs hanging out with the mop and the dustpan and they seem to like it there undisturbed! ;) Anyone else with insight? The more the merrier!

  5. Ginger, please drop over to my blog. There is a little something there for you and the bears! Sharon

  6. Your story made me chuckle!

    Seems like you are getting lots of good advise, so I will rest my weary brain and body for now.
    If anything wonderful comes to mind, I'll be sure to let you know.

    Blessings from me and Posey. =0))

    Barbara Jean

  7. Hi Ginger...Aren't you excited! A new look in your studio. It is going to be wonderful when completed.
    In answer to your question...I would put things away now. When I redid mine this past winter, I actually took most things out of the room and then when I added what I wanted back in...I put things in jars, new boxes and storage containers and labeled everything! It has worked beautifully so far.
    You have lots of great advice before what you are going to be most comfortable don't want to get in there and be frustrated 'cause you can't find something!

    Have fun!
    Hugs, Nancy


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