Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Day in NYC

We knew our list of things to see would require more than the time we had so we opted to use our last day to do just a couple more things that said "New York City". One of them was to see Central Park. We got an overview of the park on one of the rickshaw/bicycle tours. It is a place that if we return, I would like to spend much more time exploring. It's an oasis of green.

Some of these views will be recognizable since several of them have been used as sets for movies.

How about a leisurely ride in a row boat?

Do you recognize this building from the movie Ghostbusters?

There were several painters out that day. The weather was perfect for it, too.

You can see how the buildings of NYC in the background contrast with the serenity of this lovely bridge.

Tomorrow is the day I hope to share my "only in New York" photos with you. Then there will be a few photos from some of the shops I enjoyed the most.

We had a great time. I appreciate your virtual company on this NYC trip and your comments along the way! My favorite part of all was the silly fun I had with my sisters, my husband and my daughter. They have such patience with me and my quirky sense of humor! They are absolutely the best!


  1. Thank you so much Ginger for sharing this lovely trip to NYC with us all. It really has been great fun reading your guided tour of such a wonderful and interesting city. I look forward to seeing the remaing photos tomorrow.

  2. Well that was g-r-e-a-t!!!! Thanks for the photos. Now I am off to tell the bears to clean up from the picnic party they all had while you were off to the big Apple without them.... Ta da and all that, Sharon


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