Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mr. Magician and his Magical Wand

It’s been a long time coming but the time has arrived. I don’t think we’re ready nor do I think we ever would be given more time. But it HAS come.

Oh, let’s just make a long story even longer, shall we? Why not?

You see, I spend most of the time I am at home in my studio. (Don’t ask if I’m actually working. Work – play – it’s all the same in my book until I actually have to do something responsible.) The studio space is one of the reasons we chose this house – that, the porch and the garage, where we do, in fact, park a car. So from day one the studio space has been my space. I went from working on the dining room table and the coffee table to a whole room. I try very hard not to take it for granted. Now if I could just keep it all in one room that would be an accomplishment, but I digress.

The space is one I try to keep functional but esthetically pleasing too - which is a balancing act in itself. Thus, paint figures into a lot of the changes I make. In fact, let’s see. The studio started a pale blue, I think – and not a rich one either. I didn’t pick it – it came that way with the house. So, I decided I would go for lavender. Yes, you heard it here first folks. My studio was lavender at one time. Then after some time had passed, I decided it should probably be more sedate so I went beige but I can’t exactly remember. Perhaps that’s one of those repressed memories. Beige? Then just when I didn’t think I could take it anymore, I opted for a varied color scheme of butter yellow walls, a pale apple green for the trim and a sky blue ceiling. Our painter either loves me or loathes me – I don’t know which.

But really, it has been these colors for quite some time and I’ve certainly been happy with them. They’re quite cheerful and nothing, if not eye-opening, when you first walk in. My dear husband, he’s fine with whatever I choose. Is he something or what?! Well, truthfully, he’s gone during the day so he doesn’t have to live in it too much.

The thing that has bothered us both for some time is the carpet. Firstly, the installation left something to be desired. It was okay for a while, but these last 5 or 6 years – let me put it this way. I have small mountain range forming right down the middle of the room. It would be okay if I was teaching a class on topography. Alas, I am not; so no need for a range to demonstrate a point. Secondly, I try oh so hard to be careful, but I’m tough on a space with all the sewing, pins, needles, thread, glitter etc. They probably wouldn’t issue a guarantee on the carpet, if they only knew how I lived.

Thus we began to entertain the idea of replacing the carpet. And well, that morphed into “if I have to take all the stuff out of there for them to put it in, why not paint the walls while we are at it?” As is typical, did I think this thing through thoroughly? I most certainly did not. See post below on making pincushions – it’s a bad habit.

So for our next bit of entertainment, we are dismantling my studio. Yessiree folks that’s right. Sometime in the next few days, you will see (um-m-m, maybe not see exactly) me posting to my blog in a veritable wasteland that used to be my studio. Every last part and parcel will be lifted, moved and relocated to some other unfortunate spot in the house so the magic can take place.

Did I say magic? Yes, I did. Magic! It will be magical. I’ll let you in on a secret. I have my own personal magician – actually I have two, but I’m not counting husband this time. So, Mr. Magician (painter) will come in with his magic wand (paintbrush) and swiftly and expertly wave said wand so that the room and the space will become new and different for the, uh, let me see, for the fourth time?

I’ll bet you are wondering what in the world I will do with myself while I am dislocated. How will the world ever make sense again? I’ll tell you. I’m leaving. Yep, leaving. I’m movin’ my stuff, puttin’ it someplace safe, kissing all the bears goodbye and I’m outta here. Where, pray tell, will I go? Where else but New York City! If I can make it there . . . kind of thing. Okay, so it’s just for a few days, but I’m wondering if my husband was thinking we should probably be very very far away. Wanna come? It won’t be for a few more days yet so you have time to throw a few things in a case and buy your ticket. Can’t manage it right now? That’s okay. I’ll do my best to take a few photos while I am gone and post them here.

Yes, there is more to this story. I’m going to take a few photos of this space and if I can manage to get my act together, I’ll share them with you. Just in case, you might want to have someone’s hand to hold and something to bolster your courage if you dare return to see what’s behind that door. That door? No, not that one. The other one. See you then.


  1. Well that really made me feel good least I'm not the only one that does those things!! LOL!! How about a before and after shot Ginger? Can't wait to see what colours you are selecting this time.

  2. Oh dear Ginger, I think we came out of the same mold. LOL Have fun in the big apple. Kiss the bears for me too.Sharon

  3. Oh have a great time!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'm working on the before. I'm interested to see what colors I choose too :D

  5. Hi Sharon, You must be kidding me! There's two of us? Oh no. Must go worn my husband!

  6. Hi Lisa, We will certainly try. Thanks for the good wishes!

  7. Hi Ginger...Have a wonderful time in New York!
    Your room sounds like it will be a thing of beauty when completed...can't wait to see the pics!

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy


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