Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Goat or Lions

If you read an earlier post of mine found here, you might be wondering if we really did see mountain goats and mountain lions when we were in the mountains. Fortunately, those bears of mine have very vivid imaginations and all that wild animal stuff was just supposin’ on their part. I’m not quite sure where they got those ideas. Anyway, I know they’ll sneak back in here searching for photos of our journey along the Blue Ridge Parkway and hopefully, these few pictures will satisfy their curiosity.

These were taken the day we decided to take a short trip up to Mount Mitchell State Park which is home to the highest peak east of the Mississippi River here in the USA. If you haven’t ever travelled along the Parkway and you have the opportunity, the views are spectacular and the drive is beautiful.

Taken along the parkway on the ride up:

After hiking to the top, one of the views:

Another view from the top of Mt. Mitchell:

You can see for miles - miles of mountains:

Looking out from the highest peak east of the Mississippi River:

I never tired of seeing these:

The park service tries to keep fences, railings, trails as natural and as much a part of the environment as possible while maintaining safety:

Tunnels like this are found along the parkway - through the mountain when it wasn't possible to go around:

Rock overhangs and rhododendrons a frequent part of the scenery:


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that little trip alonf Blue Ridge Parkway, Ginger ... so nice to get out of the studio for a change. (Just wish I had really been there!)

  2. Love the mountains! You get such great pictures!!
    Hugs, Lisa


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