Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NYC or Bust

It took me a good portion of the morning, but I managed to say goodbye to all the bears. Sh-h-h-h. Please don’t tell them we are taking the train to NYC. They are under the distinct impression that everyone gets a funny hat if you ride the train. I can just see it now. It’s enough that there are eight of us that are related riding it together. If I had brought the bears along, there would be no end to the questions. “Can I ride on top?” “Can I eat my dinner sitting in the luggage rack?” “How much longer?” Oh, sorry. That wouldn’t be the bears. That would be my husband. All that aside, I thought you might enjoy these few photos we’ve taken so far. We’re over halfway there now and hope to arrive in NYC in just a few more hours.

This is where we started our journey - the Company Shops Station.

Here comes our ride - The Carolinian.

Not all the scenery has been this picturesque, but I thought this one was pretty cool.

This was taken at the Fredricksburg, Virginia station stop.

Oh don't mind me. I was just checking to make sure we didn't have any flat tires.

Watching the scenery pass by at a good clip was very hypnotic. It will put you to sleep.

Another view from the train - outside of Washington, DC.


  1. Thank you Ginger, for taking us along on your trip! I'm really enjoying the ride.

  2. I am enjoying this very much. Keep it up or I'm telling the bears. LOL Have fun Sharon

  3. Oh i love it! I so want to ride the train!! Have a great time!!
    Hugs, Lisa


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