Monday, August 10, 2009

About Tea

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”

~Chaim Potok

Even though I am more of a ‘from the South iced tea’ kind of tea person, I do on occasion have hot tea – or as most people know it, tea. You might guess that I am no expert on tea which is exactly what brings me to this post.

A few months ago, we went to a bear show and it was in an area with a wonderful grocery store called Wegmans. Some of you out there may know it. It’s interesting just walking through it and looking at the different kinds of things we very rarely see in our stores around here. While I was there, I thought, I’ll get my dad some tea – as in making a cup of tea kind of tea.

I looked around a bit wondering which aisle had the tea. Eventually, I located it and it wasn’t just a section on a shelf. It was an entire section of the store with every kind of tea you can imagine or pretty close to it. Once I found where the tea was located, I had to decide what to get. “So many kinds what should I choose?” I had been standing there a while trying to decide when a woman who was definitely on-a-mission-to-get-what-she-came-for-and-not-waste-any-time came along. She went right to the Twinings tea and put a huge box of their English Breakfast Tea in her basket. I thought to myself, she must really like that tea and it must be really good. With nothing else to go on, I too chose that tea to take to my dad.

But being the non-tea-expert here, surely there is a better way. Then I began to wonder if anyone reading has a favorite tea. If so, I hope you’ll share what kind you enjoy most. When we go back to the bear show this fall, we’ll definitely return to Wegmans and maybe this time, I’ll be better prepared with some ideas about what kind of tea to look for among the many choices there. Fall isn’t that far away, so I’m planning ahead!


  1. Ginger,
    There are oodles of blogs about tea. One of my favorites (because she is a granny, works in the tea industry, is crafty -- crochet, knit,jewelry, collage) is She talks about a different tea each weekend and she has links to other tea sites that have links to other tea sites that have ..... you get the idea! There's too much info out there! I drink a lot of green tea and I call it medicinal! Have fun!

  2. Great suggestion - now that's some serious tea information. I think I'll have to learn gradually. My husband likes green tea occasionally. I look forward finding out if anyone else has a favorite. Is there a creativi-tea?

  3. I'm an herbal tea lover. The regular tea leaves can make my tummy upset. I will have to admit I haven't gone past Celestial Seasonings though. Good Luck! That store sounds fun! You find all the good spots!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. i love tea. my favorite is the Akbar tea, i can only find in Lisbon, so when i go to that city, i bring box and box of Akbar tea.

    my favorite flavor in summer is Black tea with strawberry (hot or cold).
    and my favourite in winter is Ceylan tea with chocolate, i found this one in a store near to my twon, they have one with caramel too. For me the ceylan is more soft than the black one, and the green is betwen both. and the red tea!!,,is to much energy for me...
    I think that there is a tea for every mood. :D


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