Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to the Dr's Couch

If you have been here before you know that when am looking for guidance, sometimes I go and visit the Doc. Really, I should address him as Dr. T. Bear, but since I've been a frequent guest at his place, he lets me get away with being a bit casual. Recently I found myself in a predicament and as usual in cases like this, I took myself right on over to the Doc's office to see if he had any advice for me.

Me: Hi, Doc.
Dr. T. Bear: Hello there. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken.
Me: Yeah, since the 100th post episode.
Dr. B: Yes, how well I remember. What brings you in today?
Me: I have a blogging dilemma.
Dr. B: Ah, this is an easy one. I’ve always thought the more trees the better. I like leaves and such. Love the green, you know.
Me: Um, Dr. B, I said blogging dilemma, not logging dilemma.
Dr. B: Oh. Well, then, please proceed.
Me: I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.
Dr. B: How so?
Me: I’ve been so fortunate to have met many terrific people through blogging and some of them have been so kind to me. They have even given me awards.
Dr. B: Awards? That sounds very nice. I don’t understand how that could be a problem.
Me: Well, I learn about the award from these lovely people and I’m supposed to grab the award and post it on my blog.
Dr.B: And?
Me: I have a tendency to forget. I go and see the award and then I get all excited and tell myself I must give this my full attention. But then I don’t have time right at that moment, so I tell myself I’ll come back later and follow the instructions like a good blogger would.
Dr. B: I see your problem. You’re talking to yourself way too much.
Me: I think you’ve missed my point. I said I have a tendency to forget and then get wrapped up in some other project.
Dr. B: Oh, well. Can’t you just go and do now what you should have done then?
Me: Well some of these awards I was given ages ago. These fine folks probably want to retract the offer now. It wouldn’t be quite right, don’t you agree? So what should I do?
Dr. B: I think you should at least say Thank you. Did you do that?
Me: No, I didn’t. As I said, I was going to do all that when I returned to pick up the awards.
Dr. B: I see. You do have a problem.
Me: Got any advice for someone like me?
Dr. B: Yes, first you must stop talking to yourself so much. It gets you in all kinds of trouble. Next, you must remember your manners and say thank you. Finally, on your way out, please settle up with my office assistant.
Me: Um. I guess we’re done then?
Dr. B: Yes, unless you’d like to run out and get me a doughnut from that little place on the corner.
Me: Okay, I guess I’ll see you next time.
Dr. B: Yes, next time. There’s always a next time.

Per the doctor’s advice, I am going to earnestly try to stop talking to myself so much. Get that? Yes, I hear you. Stop talking to yourself. And I’m going to try to make up for my past lapses by saying thank you to the generous souls who honored me with awards. I hope I remember them all. Oh, just get on with it will you or this could take all day. Okay okay. Thank you to the lovely Donna Griffin of Donna and the bears, the amazing Paula Carter of Bearing All, and to super cool Jenny Lee of jennylovesbenny for the Makes My Heart Smile Award, to the very creative and inspiring Marion over at Rusty-Prim for the Uber Amazing Blog Award, and finally to my fellow chocolate lover who may have very well come from the same mold, Sharon Chapman of Wildflower House for The Circle of Friends Award. Thank you one and all. You are so very kind and generous. It is no wonder that you were given these awards to pass along and I say, “Rightfully so!” “Yes, I quite agree. They are very deserving.”

I’m off to settle up with Francis, Dr. B’s office assistant. We usually go out for coffee which turns into an extended lunch break and by the time we are finished, it’s time to go home anyway. It’s truly a wonder Dr. B lets her stay on with the hours she keeps, but I do love her so. She’s so funny! Can I get you anything while I’m out?


  1. A chai tea latte would be nice. Thank you.

  2. No problem. One chai tea latte - got it. Back in a few.

  3. lol, I absolutely love the conversations with bears!


    Oooh, I haven't had a Chai Latte in ages... I think this calls for a trip to the coffee shop myself!

  4. Dr. T's telephone number please!!

    Pat xx

  5. Good grief girl!!!! Should I send money for the Dr. B's bill. I think I will send honey instead. I understand he likes that. And would you mind setting up an appt. for me please.Sharon and there will be chocolate too!

  6. Gives new meaning to the term 'couch potato' eh, Sharon? Maybe it should be 'couch bon bon' instead.


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