Friday, August 28, 2009

Eeyore – Flatter than a Pancake

When I was growing up, the trip to my grandmother’s house took five hours. We always went the same way and it took us past a huge white building by the side of the highway that looked part barn and part house. I now realize it was unusual but then it was just part of the scenery. What made it unique was that it was a toy store and their claim to fame in my mind was the huge hand painted sign that counted down the days to Christmas. No matter what time of year it was, the count was always accurate. Two days after Christmas it would read “364 days ‘til Christmas”. It wasn’t always open when we were traveling but I always wanted to stop and go in.

One time we did stop and if I am remembering correctly, the kind of toys they had were better quality and less dime store than I was used to seeing. My mom or dad asked me if I saw anything I liked and I was immediately drawn to a soft little donkey unlike anything I had seen before. (I know you might find this hard to believe, but I had affection for soft toys when I was young.) They told me that perhaps I should ask Santa Claus to bring it to me for Christmas. I really wanted that donkey – he was so cute!

My mom and I went to sit in the car but my dad lingered behind. I wanted to go back in and get him but my mom wouldn’t let me. My dad came out later but I didn’t see any package. I don’t know if he hid it really well or if he had it sent by mail, but when Christmas came along, that donkey was one of my gifts. I had never had a donkey so deciding what to name him took some effort. I had this Pooh book and loved sad little Eeyore so I decided to name my donkey after him.

For a while, Eeyore was front and center. I hesitated showing you this photo but I’m throwing caution to the wind because it’s one of the best of Eeyore – even though I’m in my pj’s, and a curler cap (did anyone else wear those?) and have my tongue sticking out. I think my sister must have taken this photo, hence the expression! That’s my dad beside me.

A few weeks back, I pulled Eeyore out of the depths of mystery and discovered he was flatter than a pancake. My mission is to restore his dignity. Upon investigating his inner contents, I found they used that foam rubbery stuff for filling. After all this time, it’s turning into a miserable, grainy, orange dust. So, when I’ve mustered up some courage and a big trash bag, I am going to remove said sad contents and replace it with something I hope will make Eeyore feel a bit better and look a bit better. After which, I hope he will no longer be flat but plump and happy. With any luck, maybe he’ll even be a smidge more cheerful than his namesake.


  1. After you empty him out are you gonna wash him (inside out of course)? I do hope he will get all his old self back again so you can enjoy him for many more years to come.

  2. How wonderful that you still have one of your favorite toys! He is adorable. I had a skunk that I dearly loved named Daisy. I have no idea where Daisy went, but I think of her often and wish she was here! :D

  3. I just love this story. To think that you still have him. Funny how there is one toy that stays in our mind and if we're lucky enough we still have it. I'm sure that he's going to look as good as new in no time.

  4. so cute donkey, lovely history. in my childhood,the more famous donkey was "Platero" (From: Juan Ramón Jimenez), he say in the history about Platero: "Platero is small, furry, soft, soft on the outside so that it seemed all cotton, which does not bones. Only jet mirrors of his eyes are hard like two black crystal scarabs."
    I hope that your litle donkey look so soft , and flurry like in your memories.

  5. I look forward to seeing a restored Eeyore!

  6. What a lovely story !!! It's always nice to have a moment to read about your wonderful outings and adventures. :)


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