Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fairy Dust Tale

This tale comes from a time when I was young, but not too young. Our aunt was coming for a visit. I can’t remember the circumstances, but it was kind of unusual to have family visit. Because we lived farther than most, we usually did most of the travelling. We cleaned, dusted and vacuumed (or hoovered) our house, generally making it look nice for her stay. After her arrival, my mom and my aunt sat in the kitchen and chatted away like people do when they get together with someone they have missed.

In another room, my mother kept a tube of multi-colored glitter on her shelf that we could use if we asked. I just loved that glitter – so sparkly, so shiny, so pretty. Because she was busy with my aunt, I kind of figured I wouldn’t get asked too many questions about what I was doing. I didn’t have a project, I just had a plan.

My plan involved making the carpets and walkways in the house look as if a fairy had been there. I was just going to sprinkle a little here and there. As I began, I realized how much fun it was and how it floated and shimmered in the air when it was scattered. I promptly forgot my intentions to be careful and began to use the shiny stuff in larger quantities delighting in every magical toss. My fun didn’t last as long as I had hoped because I realized that you can go through a whole tube of glitter in a very short while. Seeing the glitter gone or nearly so, I figured my job was done. How pretty it all looked! As if a fairy had just swept through the hall and the foyer and the den.

That day I also learned something besides how glitter flickers and shines: No matter how much magic there is in fairy dust, it is no match for the vacuum cleaner once it is plugged in and running. Claiming “b-b-b-but it’s fairy dust!” doesn’t seem to make much of an impact on its fate either.


  1. Oh! the glitter..always stay,even with vacuun, they stay in tiny parts, in hair,in the skin,clothes..for long long time. (self experience, homework of doughter).

  2. What a sweet memory! Love your sweet fairy bear! I'm enjoying your blog!

  3. Darling story.

    In our day our behinds would be doing the 'fairy dance'! TTFN~ Marydon

  4. Wonderful and I love the bear!

  5. awww...that is so sweet and wonderful! You're a such a special person!! :D

  6. That is such a sweet story. I'm well versed on how hard it is to get glitter out of the carpet - it appears for months later - I have a daughter who loves glitter.

    And I love your bear. All of them are so sweet!

  7. Oh what a wonderfully mischievious child you must have been Ginger. I bet your mother said a "few words" under her breath!

  8. What a wonderful story, Ginger! I can imagine the fairyland you were in while the glitter was magically floating all about!


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