Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Follow-up to Yesterday's Cryptic Post

In an effort to clarify yesterday’s post, I am returning with more photos. But first, I’d like to tie up a few loose ends.

The friends that visited saw the studio redo and were also able to get a glimpse of the little bits of stuff stored here and there – some of which belong to various projects but not to the one that inspired the title. It was in another location due to paint. (I very rarely have paint near the bears. I’m just not coordinated enough not to spill it. Thus, I keep them very far apart if I can.)

I picked out a few miscellaneous bits they pointed out to share with you. Some of them may or may not be a part of the current project and stating that, I’m not trying to be mysterious. I’m saying sometimes I make it up as I go along so even I don’t know what’s what on occasion. (Just ask my husband. He wants to know too!) What seems like perfect inspiration at the beginning can be a really bad idea as the idea takes shape. Am I the only one who works like this? Oh, maybe you shouldn’t answer that question. It’s so pleasant here at the moment – let’s not disturb the equilibrium, shall we?

Also, you all were the first to see the studio redo. I figured if you had read through the carpet and paint and moving saga, you should at least be in on the end results. If you missed seeing the redo, you can check out Tour Part One here and Tour Part Two here. You can check out the before photos here and here.

If you don’t already know, I’ve tried very hard to stay on task with my current teddy bears in progress but sometimes another bear idea comes along and draws me away - especially if it looks like fun . . . That doesn’t mean I have completely abandoned each and every project. Rather it means that instead of a peaceful existence of creating and working on one thing, I have quite a few in various stages of evolution. (I thought that sounded rather good, don’t you agree? Evolution rather than saying nothing’s finished yet and there are bits and pieces of stuff everywhere you turn and we have to eat in the dining room on uncomfortable chairs because I’ve got the kitchen table covered with glue, glitter, paint, paper and other questionable substances.)

Here are a few photos. Not very exciting so far. Hopefully it will get better.
Now it’s back to the salt mines for me . . .


  1. Ooh, the top of the box looks very interesting!

    I really like the idea of bears in boxes... I've always had an unhealthy addiction to tiny things... and old Apothecary boxes, and all the little viles and herbs and bottles (etc etc etc)... and these little boxes kind of remind me of them.

  2. Ginger, very mysterious!
    I've gon back at looked at your studio redo, before & after. Beautiful! Can you tell me how you did all the wonderful quotes on your shelving? That would be perfect in my room.

  3. Hi Barb - I'll send you an email shortly to answer your question. Thanks!

  4. It all looks like so much fun and yet so much work. We just moved into another house after 25 years so I can relate.
    Like the boxes.

  5. Amazing how you revamped that box! I love the colors and sort of vintage/antique style you ended up with! I love it!
    Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  6. i like the box! the box is abeautiful work,I can not imagine how will the rest, but will surely be a beautiful thing.


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