Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking a Wrong Turn

Sometimes I will read something in the daily paper that will be news to me. A photo or a description of the location will pique my curiosity and then I want to go and see it. There’s a lot about my town that I don’t know and so I figure any progress I make learning about its neighborhoods, history, or quirks will only serve me well.

One day we were on such a mission and it took us into a hilly neighborhood that was populated with old homes with lots of character. The streets were narrow and sometimes one way. Trying to get to where we wanted to go, we took a wrong turn. Wrong turns can be a great way to discover something if you aren’t on a deadline to get somewhere.

Going up the wrong street trying to sort out where we were supposed to be we came across this enchanting walkway. We had to go the wrong way twice just so I could get this photo. To me it looks like it belongs in a storybook. I can’t recall if we ever got where we were going. The thing is I’d like to go and get a glimpse of this stairway again and we’ll probably get lost trying to find it. We just might end up where we intended to go the first time, if I can only remember where it was we were going.


  1. i like the photo, with the leaves on stairs.

  2. On a tiny bit of an unrelated note... I was going back through your blog, from the beginning, because I really do love reading what you have to say... and came to the shocking realization that I've actually been reading your blog almost from the beginning!! I just hadn't joined until a couple of months ago.

    So here's a random thanks for all of the useful information, interesting insights, and downright good laughs over the antics of your bears!

  3. Hello, Ginger!
    What beautiful place!!! I would like to visit this place! Thanks for that that show so much beautiful and interesting!


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