Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confession of the Wife of a State Fair Fan

Honestly, I had no idea

when I took these few photos

for a college photography assignment

all those years ago

that this guy, my future husband, who has not changed a bit (he-reads-my-blog-you-know) was a State Fair Fanatic.

Now every year I hear a countdown

of the months, weeks, and days until the fair opens

when we will go and see the sights including

amazing cake decorations,

the games of skill (or chance),

and the colorful lights.

We will enjoy all the fair things

that happen only once a year

before we have to start the countdown

all over again.  And you can be sure we will.


  1. Oh! I wish I could go there too!
    The black and white pics are beautiful!
    And your husband is such a fantastic man!!!!(is he reading right now?he!he!he!)

  2. Oh I'm glad you let him have his fun!
    Hugs, Lisa


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