Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Little Curiosity

I’m not sure when I developed a love for children’s books. Maybe it was when my Mom read to my sisters and me, especially at Christmas. She would pull out our old copy of T’was the Night Before Christmas and read it every Christmas eve. I love this photo of my mom and my sisters.

Then here’s one of me and my mom.

It seemed to me that we had lots of books in our house. My sisters would read them first and then they would pass them down to me. Sometimes my grandmother would give me books for my birthday.

When my children came along, we read books together, too. My son would climb into my lap and we would read his counting book over and over and over again. My husband was really good at doing voices – especially Morris and Boris. My daughter giggled every time. (So did I.)

After waiting the summer, this book finally arrived at our local bookstore. I had thought I would find it in August when it was supposed to be here, but to no avail. Then I got busy and forgot. I think it has been out in the UK for a while but it’s new to us here in the USA.

Even though the bears know this story by heart, they do get a little misty-eyed when Small Bear discovers his porridge is all gone.

And when Goldilocks is discovered in his bed sometimes the bears have to cover their eyes.

It’s a classic tale but they’ve done a great job with it. I enjoy just looking at the lovely photos of the R. John Wright bears and doll too. The staging and sets are amazing.

If you haven’t seen it already, and you enjoy children’s books, you might want to flip through it next time you’re in a book store. That is if you are curious. As they say in the book, “A little curiosity can be a wonderful thing . . .”


  1. Oh this is an adorable post, you and your mother are darling in the picture.


  2. What a lovely post. And I'm so pleased that you mentioned the Goldilocks book. I hadn't seen it or even heard of it, so I'm very excited to see it--the pictures look simply enchanting!

  3. i like this blog, my mother never read a book to me,so i decide to read to my baby girl all the nights,she enjoy the histories of animal,like a cute tiger, or a shy bear, i hope, when she becomen in adult, love the books and read to this childs.

  4. Dear...

    I don't find words to say how much emotion, when have seen photo, sweet.. very beautiful to see photo of embraced bears while they are reading the book!
    beautifully of sweetness also to see photo of you and sisters with mother.


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