Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When X Marks the Spot

Suppose that I have a map - a treasure map to be more precise. The map shows where treasure can be found. The spot on the map showing where to dig for the treasure is marked with an “X”. I am looking at this crazy treasure map and I am seeing some funny looking X’s there. They all kind of look like teddy bears to me. I must be imagining things. Time to get my glasses adjusted. Is it just me or do you see them too?


  1. these teddy bear image renditions are so fanciful. cute!

  2. That is so neat, I need to have a lesson on how to do multiple pictures, then I can join in the mosaic fun! A Treasure hunt would be fun!
    Margaret B

  3. Hmm... I'd say 'I want that map!' but I don't... I want to find where that X is!!!!

    Such cuties!!!!!!

  4. Looks like something really cute in there! I hope I signed up for your giveaway. I hate to ask you to check but I am having a senior moment! lol Thank you and have a fun day!

  5. So you see Teddy's everywhere too....lol


  6. oh ! i see cute bear in all places!. beautiful mosaic Ginger.


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