Monday, December 7, 2009

Henry’s Bed and Math

Henry and I had a great time at the tea on Saturday. He really zonked out in his bed that night. Speaking of which, I thought you might like to know something about Henry’s bed. Henry likes to pretend that he is an old bear but he’s not really.

His favorite thing is to retire early with a good book and snuggle under the bed covers of his very own bed which he ‘claims’ is as old as he is. I will tell you a little secret. I know this is not true. Math is not my strong suit, but maybe you can help me with the numbers.

This bed was purchased about 75 years ago from a lady who was 90 years old. The doll bed had belonged to her children. Now if the lady was 90 years old 75 years ago and her children played with the bed, how old is this bed? Can you help me sort out a guess?

I have had too many cookies and too much tea to think straight. I am still a bit worried about Santa being a wanted man over at Joanne’s blog tea party, Aliénore recovering from being kidnapped over here and all the mice and bears on top of that hill over at Elanor’s. I think I can take some comfort that the left behind toys over at A Stuffed Life had a happy Christmas but even so, I cannot think too hard about doing sums.

If you would like to venture a guess or help me with an estimate, Henry and I would appreciate it. I can make a note of it for posterity and Henry can use the information to further delude himself.

Thanks from both of us!


  1. haha... nice story about the old lady who was 90 years old 75 years ago, giving hints to the age of henry's bed. how old is henry? he looks like a young handsome dude. :D

  2. So that makes Henry's bed about 135 years old? If my calculations are correct? You figure she her kids were playing with it when she was probably about 30, right? Math word problems, never my strong suit. Now give me some fractions and I will have an answer no sweat.

  3. Ps, If you pop over to the forum Teddy Talk, some people had some very nice thing to say about Henry's story. It really was wonderful.

  4. Oh the bed is darling and I would guess 175 years old wow that is one old bed, and still in good shape.

    I love Henry he is adorable.

    Have a wonderful day loved seeing what Henry does after tea.



  5. This is mental toture to me ! I hate maths but fortunately I love Henry!!!!
    Once again,your tea Party was fun .

  6. Thanks for the estimates from those of you for whom it wasn't a taxing exercise. Seems I have a kindred spirit in Papillon Bleu. I think Joanne is in the right neighborhood. It could be way back then maybe they had their children at an earlier age. So, perhaps the 135 to 145 range is about right. Thanks Joanne for the notice about the Teddy Talk responses. I'll go over and check it out.

    You all make me smile!

  7. I guessed 135 years too before I looked at the other answers! Henry is a gorgeous bear and he is so lucky to have a proper bed of his own.


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