Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time for a couple more . . .

I have been tying up a few loose ends. Loose ends to ribbons and bows! With Christmas day just around the corner, I think I have just enough time to share a couple more cards from the past.

This card is from the year 2001 – the year of 9/11. I thought that I would include the text for this card because even though I wrote it eight years ago, the sentiment is timeless to me.

This is a teddy angel created from the palest of blue mohair. She stands about 11 inches tall and wears a snowflake dress with a sheer snowflake covered overdress. I called this one “Angel Snowflake”.


Here’s the text:

What will you remember about this year? Will you endeavor to remind yourself about the helping hands, the spirited embraces, the heartfelt smiles? Will you be able to recall the warmth of a hug or the feather-light touch of a cool breeze on a summer day? Maybe remembering the punch line to a joke is nearly impossible under the best circumstances, but can you remember how you laughed until your side hurt?

What will you remember about this year? I’ll remember the days when we were so obviously united as a nation. I’ll remember the words of comfort and concern sent to me by my friends overseas. I’ll remember how every conversation started in the middle because everyone already knew how it began. I’ll remember how ordinary people became legendary heroes and how throwing the first pitch in a baseball game took on more significance than ever.

What will you remember about this year? A year when Peace on Earth seems so far away? A year when Goodwill Toward Men was brought about by unimaginable events? A year when Joy to the World seemed only possible in fairy tales? What will you remember? What will I remember? I will remember that freedom isn’t always free. I will remember that liberty is cherished, not only by the people of this nation in which I live, but by all mankind. I will remember that a long, long time ago a baby was born in hopes that all people everywhere would know Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men, and Joy to the World.

May this holiday season bring you a share of all these things with hope for the future when all of us might know



  1. Wonderful Christmas card - it is truely timeless! I really am enjoying your blog. Thank you!

  2. Ginger that was just wonderful !!! I think it says it all~~~ Thank you for your Blog and the great and uplifting words you always have to say.
    God Bless you and your family !!
    Have a great Christmas my friend~~~


  3. the litle angel bear is beautiful.
    in 2001 i was in the I.N.L.S. (San Diego), I was impressed to see the airports full of military, and feel the pain of the people, but also impressed me the strength to go forward, wanting to build, repair ...

    i hope you and your family have a happy holidays.

  4. Thank you all. I appreciate your comments and thank you for them and the good wishes, too!

    All the best ~


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