Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Clean(er) Slate

Having read several things about how artists work, it seems to be a fairly common thing for us to spread out over several surfaces and be perfectly content until the project is completed. When that happens, many of us proceed to clean the slate so to speak and begin anew with a fresh, untainted palette (or desk or table or lap).

And that is exactly what I was doing when I discovered a clipping on my desk from a couple of weeks back. It seems I cannot resist tearing little bits and things from newspapers and magazines that seem worthy of contemplation. (I think I must get this from my mother who was really good at finding snippets of important tidbits in various places.)

Anywho, I found this in a column by Marilyn vos Savant and after reading it to myself, I then read it aloud to my husband who happened to be sitting across from me at a breakfast place at the time. He is used to me doing this sort of thing and I expected he would agree that it was interesting. After I read it, he paused for a split second which made me wonder ever so briefly what he was thinking.  Then he said, “That’s the sort of thing that makes you think ‘how can there not be a plan’.”

I thought it was pretty cool,too. You can read it below.



  1. Oh my I thought I was the only one who spread everything ever where!!! I am going to clear my table this weekend I promise!!!
    Good article, I like that!
    Margaret B

  2. Margaret, You have loads of company! But it seems you need only to clear your table if you are ready to begin something new, I think... I imagine seeing your table would be interesting.


  3. It would have taken me a year to find that article on my desk. LOL I love your little bear and notice he is white. What color is his skin. We want him to stay warm now don't we. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Ok... now I just have a very strange mental image of transparent polar bears meandering around.

    I know it's missing the point... but I can't help it!

  5. ooh.. transparent polar bears made me think of little mini glass polar bears. cute!

  6. Какой милый мишка!!!


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