Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suspects – One and All


Before you read any further, I want to say two things of utmost importance.

Firstly, you all are terrific. You have a great sense of fun and are really good sports. Thank you for participating in this crazy game and giving me a few laughs along the way - a good time to pass out Gold Stars to everyone who took a chance- if I had any. (Note to self – pick up some gold stars next time I am at the store.)

Secondly, anyone who played, whether you guessed correctly or not, will receive an entry in my next giveaway. I makka da game, so I makka da rules. The original rules, an entry in the giveaway for each correct answer, still stand. That means if you got them all correct, you will receive seven entries in my next giveaway.

I will send an email to you if I can locate your email address. If you do not hear from me and you are curious about how many entries you have so far, send me an email (link on my profile page) and I will send you a reply.

Now it is time to tell you who were these crazy bears were representing. Why they were suspects one and all! I have their mug shots to prove it. (Some of you were so very close with your ‘mystery’ related answers!)


Mrs. Peacock (aka Miss Peacock, Peacock)


Rev. Green (aka Mr. Green, Green) 


Professor Plum (aka Mr. Plum, Col. Plum, Plum)


Mrs. White (aka Miss White, White, Maid White) 


Miss Scarlet (aka Scarlet, Mrs. Scarlet)

Colonel Mustard (aka Mr. Mustard, Mustard)

If you are familiar with the game of Clue (Cluedo), you might not have gotten it at first, but you figured it out eventually.

To answer your questions, these bears were created as my gallery piece for TBAI (Teddy Bear Artist Invitational) a few years ago. They now reside ever so happily together in England, where they get to play Clue/Cluedo from time to time. They stand about 12 inches tall and were sent on their way with a candlestick, wrench, rope, revolver, knife and lead pipe. (Props - not weapons!)

It is my contention that while they have all been suspects, it has never been conclusively proven at any time that my bears were guilty. They may get into a little mischief now and then, but just look at those faces – would you send them to jail?


  1. :D a funny game, i see today the bears and the clues, is a smart game, and the bear look great!. good luck to the contestants!

  2. I guess I wasn't bonkers after all, haha, too funny. Well all I can say is you made my morning coffee an enjoyable time!!! Thanks Ginger, it was fun, even though I stressed about not having a clue!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. THANK GOODNESS I caught on. Boy can I be daft.

    This was a lot of fun :)

  4. This was a lot of fun. I absolutely loved it.

  5. Love it! What a great set! And they are international now! WOW! I think they are jsut great. I love the mug shots!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Ginger, they are darling! You are so much fun ...

    Hugs, Marydon

    PS Make a change on your settings & follow me on the new blog ~

  7. I had some fun, Ginger. Thanks for setting it up. Wish I was a tat smarter at my guesses... hmmm. lol.

  8. Ginger, I absolutely LOVE the mug shots!!!


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