Monday, January 11, 2010

The Temperature is Br-r-r-r

We were in Asheville over the weekend. We thought it was cold here at home. By comparison, we were toasty! I have read from quite a few other bloggers that were are not the only ones who are experiencing unusually cold temperatures.

You may not remember this photo that I took a few months ago of a beautifully scenic lake in Asheville.


Being so cold, I wondered what condition the lake was in. Only for you guys would I leave our warm automobile to take this photo. That and the fact that I must have had brain freeze.

Here’s another one from a few months ago . . .


and then one of the same scene from the weekend.


One last one – isn’t this fun?!


and there it is – all icy and cold looking.

So what does one do when it is so very, very cold? We went in search of some liquid warmth. We found it at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge late on Friday night. You may remember I mentioned it on this blog before.


It worked. We did feel warmer and the feeling lasted all the way to the door when we had to go outside!



  1. Wow its so cold, the photos are gorgeous especially the last ones. Its amazing we are boiling with a heatwave it was 43 cel today.

    Cheers Karen

  2. Hi Ginger, You can remind me in July I was bragging about the temperature. Here today it will be 73 degrees. I am so glad at this moment after looking at your pictures that I live where it is warm.

  3. Beautiful drink! I love when they make the fun little designs in the foam!!!! It's kinda magical.

    Places with delicious warm drinks need to have someone standing by the door selling another drink 'for the road'

  4. I think you were very sweet to freeze yourself for the sake of pictures. We have no snow and it was 50 degrees yesterday here in the foothills of the cascades. Unreal! Last year 4+ feet of snow. I feel for you guys.

  5. BBBrrrr...I know it's bitterly cold up there! It's chilly down here right now, too! Stay warm! Love your photos!

  6. Those before and after shots were great.
    I have an award for you on my post tomorrow. Be sure and pick it up.
    Mama Bear


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