Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Committee’s Improvement Project – Phase 1

Before we explain the title, we have a little business to attend to. We are happy to reveal the answer to the game we started a few posts ago. Here it is:

Wasn’t that easy? Almost everyone who guessed earned an extra entry in the upcoming giveaway. This pool water is very mesmerizing.

Now we, the BBC (Blogging Bears Committee), overheard the bearmaker say something about returning to this blog very, very soon. And when she returns she will be revealing the next giveaway. Right here. Right here on this very blog.

Until then, we are still in charge. We went back to our contract and discovered a few things. Well, actually, it’s what we didn’t discover that is really exciting. You see, we found out there were no prohibitions about sprucing things up a bit.

And while the CEO is busy cutting and sewing and stuffing, we thought we might do just that - spruce things up a bit. Just in case we overlooked some more of that tiny print we are going to start small – as in, so small she probably won’t even notice.

You might not either but since we’re friends now, we’ll tell you what we’ve done. Bend down here and let me whisper it in your ear.

We changed her quotes. We know lots of great quotes about teddy bears so we thought we’d share a couple. Go on. Go take a look. They are right there where they have always been, but we changed the ones she had to ones we like even better.

The first one is my favorite, but Sam likes the second one. Do you have a favorite of the two? Sam and I are wondering. The one with the most votes gets the other’s slice of coffee cake at snack time.



  1. Quote Number One is SO right! My childhood bears were lost to me when I was about 11 or 12, but I KNOW I would know them if I ever was fortunate enough to meet them again. I don't think they would recognise me now though! :o)

  2. I like the first quote better, as far as quotes go... but I like the idea of the second quote better... because I've had a stuffed animal demand to be taken home before.

    Sometimes you just can't leave them behind.

  3. Yes the first one is my favourite too!

  4. Well, I like the second quote because that is just the way some of my 'Bears' were adopted by me. I always try to resist but it never works.
    Mama Bear

  5. I like the first quote better.

  6. I'll have to go with the first quote as I do have a bear of old staring at me. I can still see others (my sister's) as clear as day. I've yet to find a bear calling to me in the grocery aisle. Sticky paws and such!

  7. Me too, I like the first quote!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Almost everyone that guessed? heeheehee! I am NEVER good at guessing! But I like to play! Hope you're ready for a great weekend! ♥


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