Friday, February 26, 2010

The Committee’s Improvement Project – Phase 2

We bears are having so much fun. Especially me. Thank you for all your responses to Phase 1 of our Improvement Project. Because of all you sweet thangs, I enjoyed an extra piece of coffee cake.


As we suspected, you-know-who has no idea that we tweaked her blog. Now we are full of confidence that we can make a few more changes. This time we are going to be bold. BOLD with big letters. We think it’s high time for it too. (Besides she can always change it back it she doesn’t like it. Good luck with that – ha ha!)

So come on in. Take a look around and see what we’ve done. We learned it’s a bit like moving furniture. Put it there. Take a step back. See if you like it. Change your mind. Move it again. Step back again. We feel like we’ve moved lots of furniture today!

Not only that, we added some wallpaper. Just a little something to add a touch of color. Not sure if she will let that fly when she returns, but who knows? She might even miss that too.

We ran into a few problems here and there. We knew just what to do too. We did just what she does when this computer thingy confounds her. We went to the geeky guy and ask for a tiny bit of assistance. That guy’s amazing. Didn’t understand a word he said but that’s okay. We don’t understand a lot of things that those humans say. As long as the cookies keep coming, it really doesn’t matter anyway.

On another subject, I believe the CEO said she was going to announce the giveaway on Tuesday. We can hardly stand it! Oh, almost forgot. She said to tell you all she said hello and she can’t wait to come back and visit with you. Until then we still have a couple more posts – I hope you will bear with us. Ha ha ha ha! We couldn’t resist that one!


  1. You bears are so funny....but I think someone may have something to say!!! I do love the new look though, so maybe....... you will be okay!!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Have some 'things' changed sides, perhaps?

  3. You little bears are too cute... Dot is terribly sad he's missing all the fun!!!

  4. You little bears are soooo creative!! I do like the new look & asking 'the geeky guy' for help was a very smart thing to do.
    Now, for the coffee cake and cookies, be sure to use your serviette and to brush the crumbs from your paws when you're through.
    Bear Hugs

  5. I realy like the new look. You bears sure have been busy!!! :)

  6. When the CEO"S away the bears will the look!LOL!


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