Monday, February 8, 2010

I’m home now. Goodbye to the sea.

I hope you like funny photos. Well, maybe not so funny to begin with - just funny after some commentary. Bear with me. It’s kind of late, and maybe that is why these struck me as comical. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

To begin with the sun shined? Shone? Shined? How about it was sunny? And even though it was cold, it was a really beautiful day. I’m not sure where everyone was – maybe it was too cold, maybe they were inside getting ready to watch the game, maybe they knew only crazy people would be out today.

So it was just us and the birds. Now this is where it gets amusing – okay, I found it amusing.

1.  It could be simply a seagull by the sea or . . .


“Come back, Amanda, my love. You don’t know what’s out there!”

2.  The same bird as above looking out to sea. Perhaps he is thinking -


“Bring it on. I can take alla youse guys. I ain’t intimidated
by waves – big or small.”

3.  Sandpipers having a conference or . . . 


   playing a game of “Last one on their last leg wins.”


    Now for my last two photos. Very similar – yet different. I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked best so I thought I’d ask you. Which one do you prefer of the two?  Photo A or Photo B?

This is Photo A – a little mystery or too little information?


This is Photo B – a bit more information or too little mystery?



  1. I think you are toooo funny!! And I like both mystery photos, I see why you couldn't choose which one to to put in here.

  2. Love em :)

    I prefer photo A... you get to see the shell up close and it has such fascinating ridges, and the gradation of the sky in the sand is just beautiful... plus you have the subtle reflected hint of the pier along the edge... I think it's beautifully and dynamically framed.

  3. I like the first one, but actually they are all nice. Any place with beach and warm sunshine is really nice!!!
    Margaret B

  4. I think photo B for composition, but photo A has the 'action'! They all capture the beach beautifully.

  5. I would enjoy spending a day in your head. You are so funny and happy. Love the photo's!


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