Monday, February 1, 2010

Leaving so soon?

gss_1                                       Snow Sentinel

A friend of mine grew up in a place that had lots and lots of snow. We were talking about that one day and what makes snow seem so magical.

gss_8                        One of our neighbor’s children did this.

And even having seen more snow than a lot of people around here, he said “snow is transforming”.

gss_5                                   A view from a window.

I think he is right. For a few pristine hours, before the footprints and tire tracks, before the slush, before people and animals carve paths and trails, a blanket of snow alters the landscape and makes it new.

gss_2             Snow even crept up on the porch – no sitting out there today.

I realize there are places where they are saying “snow, snow, go away and don’t come back another day”, but it is unusual for us. And because it is, we do a little dance of joy at the sight of it and know that within a very short time, the magical transforming snow will disappear and life will return to normal. In the meantime, we made a few memories and I share some of our snapshots here.

My husband took this photo of me getting ready to take a ride.

     These little fellow are wondering “Uh, what’s with the white stuff?”

Two more photos of our deck – it’s so pretty with snow!



  1. Haha, Ginger, you make is sound almost nice!!!! I have had enough, we have snow in September sometimes and then it stays until april and sometimes later.....yikes!!
    Looks like you had a fun time!
    Margaret B

  2. The only thing I dislike about constant snow in the winter is not having a garage... so that every morning in the cold, dark, crisp air, you have to dash out, dodge snowflakes (very difficult) and scrap that vehicle off.

    Otherwise... BEAUTIFUL! Especially when the big, fat flakes are falling.


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