Friday, February 19, 2010

The Olympics of Bearmaking

As we bears are still in charge and the game is well underway, we can honestly declare you all are very good guessers. I told you it would be e-e-e-a-a-s-s-s-y-y-y. That’s all they’ll let me say.

Meanwhile, it made us think of the other games going on – The Olympic Games.  Then we thought how terrific it would be to have the Olympics of Bearmaking.

(We found the photo below in a scrapbook labeled – Year of 2000.
This was a Summer Olympics Bear.  We knew him personally.)
Can you imagine what a great spectator sport that would be? Here’s how we envision it working.

You would get all the competitors in a room, give them the same materials and tools to make a certain size bear, and let them compete for best bear. I can just hear the commentary now as these games got underway . . .

Jim, there’s lots of fur flying this morning.
You’re right there Fred. These are some serious athletes.
Look at bearmaker #8, it seems she’s broken a needle. Oh, what a setback so early in these games.

Yes, but they know the obstacles when they undertake this sport.
Now at the table of bearmaker #2 - it looks like, oh my! A pin prick. But she’s a professional. See her shaking it off. She’ll push through the pain.

The machines are really running smooth this morning, Fred. No one seems to be having engine trouble.
Jim, you never know what can happen down the road, but each of these contestants hopes for the best.

Uh oh. It seems like bearmaker #11 is reaching for her seam ripper. What a disappointment!
Yes, that will cost her some valuable time in this competition. It’s not unheard of, just unfortunate as this may well be her last competition.

Wow, look at bearmaker #5 – he’s already gotten one leg stuffed!
That’s true, but we have to keep in mind that each athlete has their own method for reaching the finish. Some will assemble as they sew and other will sew and then assemble.

The part of the course that they must take care is the facial construction. There are no shortcuts there. Any misplaced stitches will surely show and cost them valuable points.

Oh no, Fred! Did you see that?! Let’s run that tape again. Do you see that right there? Doesn’t it appear as if bearmaker #3 has broken an eye?
Jim, I think you are right. Here come the judges to determine if the fault lies with the eye itself or if it was carelessness on the part of the bearmaker.

What’s going on with bearmaker #7? Is she hunting for something?
Yes, it appears she has stopped making progress to look for something.
Yes, Jim, as this point, my guess is that she has lost an ear. That’s a tough break but if she doesn’t lose too much time, she can get back in the race without penalty.

We haven’t heard too much from bearmaker #1 but she seems to be moving steadily along. This is where experience can make the difference, Fred.

Bearmaker #4 seems to be gaining. I think she’s reaching for her jointing tools. That can only mean one thing.
Yes, this competition is reaching the midway point. From here on out, every stitch can make or break a contestant.

Yep, we think having the Olympics of Bearmaking would be an exciting thing to watch. We’re going to do some research on we need to do to take this idea from paper to reality.

Until next time,
The Blogging Bears Committee (or the BBC)

PS We can see great possibilities with our reporting. We could even become a worldwide news agency!


  1. OKAY! I'm ready to sign up to watch these Olympics! Your bears are GREAT at imagining the commentary.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Now that was more exciting than the ski-jump!

  3. bearmaking olympics is so fun! i can associate with all the little troubles the bears are going through... lol. love to have more reporting.


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