Monday, March 1, 2010

11 Things We Learned While Blogging

Here we are for our last blog post as stand-ins. We think we have done a fabulous job. We hope you agree. If you do, put a bug in you-know-who’s ear and maybe we can come back more often than before. It has truly been our greatest pleasure meeting all of you and we hope you enjoyed our contributions here.

Seeing as we had never blogged before until we were given this opportunity, we thought we might share a few things we learned. Perhaps they will be helpful to you in your blogging endeavors.

11 Things We Learned While Blogging

1. Rarely is anything of importance decided in a committee meeting. They are mostly for sharing snacks.

2. Bears cannot come to a consensus when it comes to food.

3. Computers can be fiddly things.

4. Cereal is best eaten off the floor.

5. Blogging games are fun, but we prefer to play Hide-and-Seek and Duck, Duck, Goose.

6. Sprucing up has nothing to do with evergreens.

7. You all are very good at keeping mum.

8. Postage stamps are already sticky.

9. A lawsuit from the BBC really isn’t that funny after all.

10. Fine print is fine for a reason but it’s better to get your magnifying glass out and read it anyway.

11. The best kind of people (other than the ones we live with) are you guys.

Whew! Now we can go and play. If you-know-who gets too boring, just send us a little note and we’ll see what we can dream up. Take care you guys.

Until next time,
The BBC (Blogging Bears Committee)

Ginger here for a brief moment. Whoa! Look at this place. I don’t know what to say. It’s quite a change from how I left it. You guys have been busy! Anyway, I just wanted to tell the committee how much I appreciate their help. Following the wit and whimsy of the BBC will be a challenge but I will be happy to be back. I have missed you all these last few days.

See you tomorrow,


  1. Great you bears had such a fabulous time! Do come back once a while to spice things up, but I'd rather you don't mess up the place. Snacks for the tummies, not on the floor. LOL Glad you've learned something along the way... Seeya soon.

  2. I love it....I just love it! I do hope you all will come back again as it has been a hoot!!! Welcome home ginger! .LOL!!!

  3. Well actually we have been having quite a time while you were gone!!! He hee, there was quite the circus.....
    Margaret B

  4. Wonderful list, guys! Gonna miss you.
    Mama Bear

  5. I have a feeling if the BBC were left in charge, you would have quite the collection of fat little teddies... seeing as how everything was done by committee!

    You're sparing their health by coming back... truly!

  6. Gonna miss you little fellas! Go have your well deserved play but do come back for a visit now and then, 'specially since you've learned os much about blogging.
    I have a surprise in store for you later. I'm sure the CEO will share when the time is right.
    Bear Hugs


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