Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Meander

Would you like to join me on a brief tour? On the way to the teddy bear show, we got a whim to stop at one of only six buildings in the USA in which all the windows are Tiffany stained glass.

But first a short trip through the surrounding cemetery. We were told that many of the graves date to the Victorian era. Now I have to tell you something I learned that I didn’t know before. See this marker?

It is called a table top marker. The person is buried six feet under as usual but this marker, in the shape of a table, allowed the family to have a place to have their picnic when they came to tend the grave. I told my husband if he would do that for my marker, he could still have tea parties after I am gone.

Those Victorians liked the elaborate markers – very elaborate, as in “I’m right here!”

They also liked these iron fences for enclosing the plot. They were decorative, something you don’t see very often now.

Look at this metal tassel – it still remains. Many of the others were gone.


The building with the windows, Blandford Church dates back to colonial times - 1735. It has 15 of these Tiffany stained glass windows. This image from the Virginia State Library and Archives does not do them justice.  The windows were installed in the early 1900’s.

The windows are nothing less than amazing and the fact that they exist in tact is remarkable. I wish you could have seen them in person. No photo will do them justice. You have to see the sunlight filtering through the colors and consistencies of the glass to fully appreciate the artistry of these windows.

So that’s my nickel tour of Blandford Church and Cemetery. If you like that sort of thing and you have an opportunity to visit, it’s a worthwhile stop.

One last thing, I wish I could tell you all how much I appreciate your enthusiasm for my giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, it’s not too late. There’s still some time. Not much, but some.

Thanks for stopping by. The bears and I enjoy your visits!


  1. The cemetery is really neat looking, I never saw the fences around the plots before...and I just asked my husband if he would make a table over my plot so he could have a tea party or picnic.... with the look he gave me...I don't think so...LOL! Thanks for the neat tour...Have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

  2. Hi Ginger, I love old churches and here in the UK we have lots of them to visit!

    A lot of ornamental ironwork was taken away during the wars and used in the war effort, even garden railings! They came with a lorry and just took away your front gate! Just like that!

  3. It's amazing what lengths a person would go to, just to make themselves remembered, some a so elaborate, kind of sad in a way but also very interesting. i am probably one of the people that would take a tour of a cemetery, I find it fascinating to read headstones..... thanks for showing us!
    Margaret B

  4. Thanks for the tour! I had always wondered about those tabletop graves--now I know. I really like wandering through old cemetaries.

  5. I really enjoyed the tour...lovely photos!

  6. Just discovered your blog and have done some reading - love your presentation of your bears, especially the 3 bears with suitcases sitting at the door ready to leave - way too Cute!!


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