Friday, March 5, 2010

This was yesterday’s desk.

I started working on an idea that I thought could possibly hold some promise. Have you done that?  Then, as you progress, you begin to think that it may well be a total waste of time of which you have very little to spare. And then - when you see that it may not be the complete and utter disaster you once thought, you wonder if sleep is perhaps overrated after all.



  1. He's looking pretty cute :) (or she?)

    I usually think "THIS IS AWESOME!" Until I have it done and then think "dang, this sucks..."

    And sleep is for the weak... unless you have a down comforter, and then sleep is for those who like to be comfy and surrounded by fluff.

  2. i know exactly how u feel. i've had many of these days! recently i'd started cutting up the bears' noses and re-sewing them on. sounds bizarre but had to give the poor darlings justice. this one could end up as a vintage bear! still cute!

  3. Aw, Ginger, you can't keep the little one body-less for long.

  4. If I only had a body, I could dance! ♥

  5. Laura - you crack me up! That is too funny. I'll be giggling the rest of the day.


  6. Last night I worked on a new pattern of my own, it was just the head too. I had to unstitch it 3 times till I was happy with the result.
    I'm working on the body today!!
    Can't wait to see this one finished!

  7. У вас замечательные игрушки!!!
    Добро пожаловать в мой блог за наградами:

  8. Erm, yes I do have those days, I had one just last week in fact!


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