Friday, April 9, 2010

Putting Some Light on the Subject

Some of you are new here so you may not remember my fascination with the lanterns in this photo I took last December.

You can find the post here if you are interested in seeing how all of this evolved.

Since then I have kept my eyes open to sales, bargains, coupons and opportunities to purchase a few lanterns for our porch. While they can be found if you keep looking, finding the ones that we really liked at a price we really liked took a bit of time.

Our patience paid off as we slowly gathered them from hither and yon. (Don’t ya just love that - hither and yon?) My husband and I sometimes refer to these adventures as wild goose chases. They can be exciting.

Of course I wanted all of the lanterns to be the same color, but they don’t come that way. That’s what spray paint is for. You too can be a spray paint queen.


Finally, we were able to hang them. That was fun too. You get to see a plan coming together after a long process over several months.

And while I thoroughly enjoy seeing them gently swaying the breeze in the daytime –

psl_1 psl_2

it’s enchanting to see them lit in the evening as dusk settles into night and the neighborhood is quiet.

psl_3 psl_4

My husband and I sit on our porch in the glow of the lanterns and listen to the night sounds. It seems almost magical.


  1. Just lovely Ginger, I might have to go on one of those wild goose chases. I'd love to have a pretty collection of lanterns to hang in our conservatory (when it is one, it'd a patio right now)
    Enjoy you lights

  2. I love them! A candle flame is hypnotic I find, what a great 'stressbuster'!

  3. So beautiful I want to join you on that porch Ginger ;-)

  4. Oh, Ginger! How marvelous! It certainly IS magical.

  5. What fun, I love the idea of painting them to match.

  6. Be careful with spray paint... you spray one thing and think "hmm, that was fun... and rewarding.." and then you start looking for other things to spray... and when those are sprayed... other things... until you find you've coated everything around you that COULD be spray painted... regardless of whether or not it should have been...
    And let's not even think what might happen should the BBC get their hands on a can.
    I suspect spray painted snacks would be an epic disappointment for them.

  7. I always love Southern homes with their front porches. The perfect accessory. Love the white, they match perfectly.

  8. Ginger I just love the lanterns on the porch !!! How serine and peacful... Thanks for sharing~~~


  9. Very cool! That is a fabulous idea!!

  10. How cool, oh for a porch to hang latterns in...


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