Friday, May 21, 2010

A Dog’s Tale

Today I digress from my usual subjects to share with you A Dog’s Tale. Herewith, I present this brief interlude with photos from my son and his wife’s recent move. While I wasn’t along for this journey, my husband was and he can attest to the truthfulness of the author’s tail . . . uh, I mean tale.

Let me introduce you to Little Bit. Some of you may have seen him here before. He’s a very go-with-the-flow kind of canine. Little Bit is a dog of few words so I will let him tell his own tale.

adt_1Here I am in charge of the boxes. Actually this is the best job of the bunch because all you have to do is keep your eyes open and make sure these babies don’t walk off by themselves.
adt_2This stuff is called Bubble Wrap.  It is used to keep fragile things from breaking.  Someone has gotten a little carried away.  I mean - Really!adt_3Oh, boy!  I thought I was going to have to ride in the back of the moving truck!  Apparently, they need my eyes and ears up front to tell them which way to go.
adt_4It’s time boys and girl to get this show on the road!  Only 1450 miles to go.  Lickety split and we’ll be there!  Texas to Florida here we come.adt_5It’s been at least fifteen minutes now.  This is kind of boring.  How much longer do we have to go?adt_6Could you scoot over just a bit?  If I’m gonna ride a thousand more miles you gotta give a dog some space.adt_7Alright you guys can go and I’ll watch the truck.  And, hey!  Bring me back another one of those roast beef sandwiches.adt_8So this is Florida!  Ah, sunshine and palm trees.  Can I get out now?  Huh?  You guys are great and all, but it’s time I get acquainted with my new neighborhood.


  1. We once had a dog named Tigger. Your dog reminds me of her- Ours was more grey and motley looking because she needed baths more often than not but she was a great dog.
    Our current dog is a schnoodle that also has some similarities but not the same disposition.
    I love the photo of her in the bubble wrap- too funny.
    Thanks for sharing your great photos.

  2. Huuu, Ginger, thanks, you made my day hihi, I sit here giggling around with my first morning cup of coffee and can´t stop laughing about this cutie....

    Next time you see little bit, please give him a sausage and a greeting of mine!

  3. Wonderful to read the story of him, he looks just like my dog that died a few months ago, they are all the same, lovely!!

  4. I am smiling right now reading this cute post ~ I have 2 little shih tzus and that is pretty much exactly how they would be ~

  5. Good Morning Ginger and BBC. Have been enjoying my morning coffee and getting caught up with you all, I was about 2 weeks behind. Life just gets in the way.

    I love the 'flocking' and the tea party, what a big move Texas to Florida - Little Bit is just adorable.

    Have a great weekend --- Roberta

  6. Wow, this dog is a little ball of fluffy cuteness!

    Is it a specific breed or a mutt?

    Either way, adorable.

  7. Oh my goodness - let's see. Little Bit is mostly maltese/shih tsu/and some poodle. I think that's all but there's a little mystery.

  8. Parece una ovejita con tanto pelo, es un perro precioso y se ve muy travieso.
    besitos ascension

  9. Hee hee, what a great tail. Glad he enjoyed his move!

  10. Loved this post.............I have a shih-tzu named Colby.......


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