Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little Pink Houses

This seems like a good time to share with you some little

and some not so little,

pink houses located in a historic part of this city I call home.


I don’t live in this neighborhood but I do love riding through it from time to time.

This neighborhood is called Historic Oakwood and it is one of my favorite areas in Raleigh.


So put on your walking shoes and we will traipse through this district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

These homes are all Victorian era homes and the ones I am showing you today have lovely porches typical of the era and reminiscent of days gone by.


These homes are built in different architectural styles but they all have details that are not so common in today’s homes.

In this quaint and unique neighborhood, seeing pink houses is not all that unusual.

Thanks for joining me on this tour of Little (and some not so little) Pink Houses.

I must give kudos to my chauffeur for this outing, my number one son who must have learned something from his dad.  When I suggested this outing, he didn’t blink an eye.  My, how I love an adventurous spirit!  But then he’s also the one who has just travelled halfway across the country.  Thanks dear!  It is much safer to take photos as a passenger and not the driver . . .

For more pink things this on this fine Saturday, you can visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.  Now I’m off to have mah-self a tall glass of sweet iced tea, sit on mah porch and put mah bare feet up.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?




  1. HPS! I loved the tour! Those homes are incredibly beautiful. What a treat! Anne

  2. Oh how pretty! I think your old fashioned houses look so much prettier than ours do. Somehow wood sidings just make the houses look like they'll be bright and airy, and the porches look like a great place to sit out and enjoy the summer. In comparison our heavy duty sandstone, brick and granite creations look rather scary and menacing lol

  3. What a beautiful "Pink" tour Ginger, those houses are so lovely, I'd so love to live in one :-)

  4. Love all of the pink houses. The second one is my favorite.
    Please check out my blog and if you like it, would you please add me to the your list of bear blogs.
    thanks Ginger,

  5. Lovely homes. I live in a little pink house too. I was really surprised when my husband let me do pink. I love it.

  6. Thanks for the tour. I am sure the bears were along for the ride too. Maybe not but what a generous no.1 son you have!

  7. Hi Ginger!
    I love your post and am singing one of my favorite John Mellencamp songs :-) Little Pink Houses of course!
    Dont think I could pic a favorite one and would be happy living in any of them!
    Thanks to you and your son for the ride thru town!!

  8. So pretty! I bet that was a fun time with your son!
    Have a happy night!


  9. Ginger thanks for sharing !!! My favorite style of houses. Not sooo sure about pink but on those it was ok !!! What a special town you live in.

  10. Little Pink Houses, hmm? Do you watch Glee, or is this just a very timely Mellencamp reference? XD

  11. I love seeing the houses and all of the unique styles! We have quite a few pastel colored houses here in FL...I live in the lavender house! ♥


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