Friday, May 28, 2010

Observations from a Small Bear

Yes, yes. It’s me – Frankie. I’ve been poking around the studio and thought I’d show you what I’ve discovered.

osb_2First of all, there’s all kinds of stuff around. One thing I found was a calendar that shows that all of us bears will be heading to Iowa in less than two weeks. Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland here we come. Awesome! We love to travel. But that’s not really news is it? You knew that already.

osb_1Next, I climbed up on the back of her chair and peered over her shoulder and saw her working on this – a new friend for us. She better get busy if he (or she) is going to be ready for the trip.

osb_3Then I came across this little fellow. Poor thing – he didn’t have any stuffing. And we all know that a teddy must have some, even if it’s a teeny tiny bit.

osb_4I can see I need to round up the gang to help me provide some encouragement for the engagement of the needle and thread.  Oh, and by the way, no one knows I’m here so I’m relying on you guys to keep this visit confidential.

hugs & kisses -



  1. Ginger ~
    You have the most wonderful sense of humor. You always make me laugh. I love your bears, even the tiny ones. Good luck on your trip hope you sell lots of bears. It must be hard to let some of them go. I don't know how you do it.
    I hope someday to be able to buy one of them, even if it is a tiny one.
    I never had a bear when I was a child but my sister did. I had my trusty thumb and that was what I slept with at night.
    Keep up your super stitching on your darling bears.
    Tootles and God Bless ~

  2. Frankie is too cute. We'll keep his secret.

  3. Deseo que tengais un viaje maravilloso y muchisima suerte.
    Algun dia podre comprar un osito de los tuyos, no pierdo la esperanza jejeje
    besitos ascension

  4. I'll not say a word Frankie, hope your encouragement works


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