Monday, May 3, 2010

Things Might Be a Little Skewed

We, the BBC, looked at the contract we signed again. We have seen a lot of porch sitting in this lovely, almost hot, weather we have had here but not a lot of sewing. Not only that, we’re hearing this a lot lately:


Then when she comes back we kinda sorta eavesdrop and hear even more disturbing things. Things like “I love roast beef and rice and gravy. Weren’t those cupcakes yummy?” Then there was the time there was talk of another event – something called a potluck.


After that it was like, “Fresh strawberries. M-m-m-m. Weren’t they great?” And what about those meatballs and that casserole? You didn’t get any of that? Well, it was really good. Oh - and that fresh banana pudding – and I didn’t have to make it!”


Then today it was a Victorian Tea. They had TEA!!! TEA without us!!! Something is seriously wrong here. All this food they are having out and about and we agreed to chocolate chip cookies?! I mean they’re good and everything but gee whiz, I think things might be a little skewed!

The BBC has gotten together and we are doing research on something called a ‘strike’. Maybe if we went on strike we could get a better deal than the one we have now. I mean we love you guys and all that but we’re talking about missing some serious food here.

The BBC standing in for now for


  1. Ooooh Ginger had better take care, or she might end up with a porky little teddy tum! Perhaps if you asked her nicely she would bring you back a "doggy bag", since you're doing such a good job with the blog :)


    Chocolate Chip cookies are the poor man's Torte!
    Settle for nothing less than Creme Brulee!!!!

    It's not a real dessert unless it takes a flamethrower to make it! HAHA!

  3. Oh dear, you just can't get the staff these days... ;o)

  4. Littlest Thistle: Too funny!!!!! ROFL

  5. Sounds like you are missing out guys!


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