Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can I go with you to Iowa?

That’s what this little guy seems to be saying to me as he peered up at me from my table today.

I told him if he took flying lessons tomorrow with the rest of the travelers, he would be more than welcome to come along.cigwyti_2 I also mentioned that in Iowa we would probably see great fields of corn and maybe some pigs and that it would probably be flatter there than it is here.

He can’t wait to go.


  1. Pero que preciosidad!!!!
    Seguro que es muy feliz, en su nuevo hogar.
    Este osito es muy chiquitin, al final te veo haciendo ositos en miniatura 1/12, solo espera a encontrarle el gusto jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Ach, wie süß.....Ich will mit nach Iowa.

    Liebe Grüße Conni

  3. He's a cutie... are you sure you'll be able to part with him if he catches someone's eye in Iowa?

  4. Have a fabulous time, Ginger! Some of my bears will be there with "The Bear Scout", but how I wish I could be there, too!! Oh, well. At least I'll see you in August at TBAI--I can't wait!

  5. i'm going to china, if he's keen to come with me. little bear, i'll most welcome u to come with me.

  6. Aw, how sweet. Its a good thing it is just a picture because he seems to be asking to come play with me. Dangerous!
    Mama Bear

  7. Aww, so glad he was able to join all his friends, hope you all have a great trip!


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