Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iowa Travelogue 4

You-know-who has only managed to filter through a small portion of the tons of photos we took today. So this time I’m only going to be able to tell you about the first half of the day.

It mainly consisted of classes or workshops. We attended several and here’s a photo of the first one.


This is Darlene. She was talking about how to add movement to your work by manipulating your patterns. Learn something new every day.


This is me hobnobbing with some of Darlene’s lovely animals. I’ve got quite a crush on the cow.


Then we were fortunate to be able to hear Penny French, Donna Neilson, Loris Hancock and Tracy Lee talk about faces. It was fun and interesting. These gals are a hoot.


Here’s one of Penny’s bears. Another crush. I’m in serious trouble with the cow now.


Then it was lunch time. What a smooth operation. I wonder why meals never come together at home the same way when you-know-who is in charge?

I’ll try to keep on her case and get some more photos to share tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks so much for stopping by to read my travelogue and leaving your wonderful comments! Hugs from me the travelin’ ted.


  1. We love the cow! And everyone looks so happy and friendly and helpful and and..
    Oh, and lunch looked yummy.
    We Weebundles wish we could've joined you, what fun we would've all had. We need to discuss this traveling thing with our you-know-who. We want a vacation!

  2. Ooh, you're so lucky to be getting to attend all these classes and meet all these lovely bears, hope the weekend is just as fun for you :o)

  3. Oh, I love that Bear, sweet little face.
    Mama Bear

  4. Loving this, thanks for posting. Not as good as being there but almost. Well not even almost.

  5. I am enjoying reading about your trip even though I don't leave a comment every time I stop by. I love the teddy bears and seeing all of the animals being shown at your convention. Have fun and I am looking forward to your next post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Ginger, seriously, you crack me up. :o) Thank you for sharing your (er, the bear's) experiences with Clarion. I have always wanted to go. Maybe five years from now?


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