Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iowa Travelogue 5

Oh me, oh my! I’m just about the tiredest . . .uh, most tired- I’ve ever been. I woke up and it was already tomorrow. Not only that I haven’t yet finished telllin’ you about yesterday. Now it’s nearly tomorrow again. Oh dear! Z-z-z-z…

It’s me, Ginger, stepping in for a few minutes for the traveling ted. He got a little carried away with all the excitement and now he is again fast asleep in his travel bag. I would wake him and suggest he carry on posting about his adventure to Iowa, but you’ve heard the old adage about waking a sleeping bear haven’t you?

In his stead, I will try to do a little catch up from yesterday. He’ll still have plenty to tell you when he returns to his job here.

He left off yesterday at lunch. There were a couple more classes but no photos of them. It’s just as well since there are so many other things to share here.


Flowers growing outside the venue –everything had been attended to.

We visited the Spectacular Bear Display and dare I say it? It was
s-s-s-spectacular. I might get a chance to return and take a photo of each and every piece but until then, I hope you will get an idea of the spectacularosity (?) from these few.

itl5-1itl5-2 itl5-3itl5-4itl5-5

If I can rouse the travelin’ ted, the next entry here will cover the auction and after that we can share some photos of the show.

Until then,


  1. Oh wow, those are definitely spectacular. Hope all is going well for you at the show

  2. Thank you for sharing!!
    Play now~ sleep later ;)

    Wishing you all the best~

  3. wow ,really spectacular pictures, is amazing all the bear look special. i am glad that you have a nice trip, take care.

  4. How exciting, I can't wait to see more... I love Teddy Bear Show pics :)

  5. Hi Ginger,
    It looks as though everyone had lots of fun. So many wonderful creations to be found !!! Wish I could have gone. I hope everyone had a great show.

  6. What a great show, thank you for sharing. These bears are fantastic!


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