Friday, July 23, 2010

Bull Durham & Burt’s Bees?


Have you seen the movie Bull Durham? It’s kind of a classic. It was filmed not far from here in Durham in the old Durham Bulls stadium.


This is the Durham Bulls new minor league baseball stadium.


Are you familiar with Burt’s Bees products? They have legions of fans. So what do the two have in common?


Last week I invited myself to have lunch with my husband near his office. He works in an office on the American Tobacco Campus – a registered historic site that goes back to the 1800’s. It has been carefully renovated and that water tower is now a very nicely redone landmark.


The office buildings on the campus are next to the new Bulls’ stadium – see there in the background? That arrow points to where my husband and his coworkers can see the games from their office. (Don’t you wonder how much ‘work’ actually gets done when there is a game?}

These are some of the things you see walking around the campus.


The headquarters for Burt’s Bees.


Nationally recognized public radio station WUNC – it often keeps me company while I sew.


This is a photo of the head of Old Bull River, a wonderful man made river that flows through the campus with some interesting features including several waterfalls


and this ‘broken’ concrete walkway across one section.


This is another view of the award winning design.  (You can just barely see the white base of the water tower on the right.)

There you have it – that’s what’s at the other end of my husband’s commute.  Bull Durham (and the Durham Bulls) and Burt’s Bees – all in one pretty cool place.


  1. Bull Durham is one of my absolute favorite movies!

  2. Good Morning Miss Ginger,

    Wow...thank you for the wonderful tour. What beautiful surroundings to work in. Looks like several nice areas for a "picnic". Maybe you should suggest that to your hubby. (o:

    Have a fun weekend, filled with giggles and sunshine.

    Prudence & Sissy
    and...of course Mom. (o: (o: (She likes to give double smiles.)

  3. You guys have just the coolest places around where you live.

    It always makes me think I need to take a little more time to explore the world around me up here in Michigan

  4. Great products and good movie....I am sure I would never get any work done, that is an awesome place to work and go to school! I never knew that the river was there.....or at least that close!
    Loved the last post on putting your bear together!!! So cute, it is really something of wonder when they come to life...isn't it?
    I love your bears, they do have lots of personality and attitude!!! You know what I mean! Great faces!
    I am always inspired when I visit you!
    Margaret B

  5. I am a large fan of the Bull Durham movie- it appeals to both men and women. My husband and I have both enjoyed watching it together.
    I know of the Burts Bee products but have not ever used them. They have come highly recommended by others but are not readily available here in Canada.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely tour-

  6. Thanks for the lovely tour, looks like a really nice place to commute to

  7. Cool! They did a great job didn't they!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. I think you are one of the first to take a picture of our building (I work for Burt's Bees) with our new sign! We just put it up a couple of weeks ago! And yes, working next to the Durham Bulls can occasionally be distracting :). By the way, for your Canadian friend Anna above, we do have offices and distribution in Canada, so I hope you find us soon!

  9. Tienes que ser un lugtar precioso para visitar.
    Me encanta esa pelicula.
    Gracias por las fotos.
    besitos ascension


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