Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bears & Brownies

The other day I had gone downstairs to let the dog inside. On the way back to my studio while I was still climbing the stairs, I heard that a conversation was taking place in my studio.

So I sat down on the top step to listen for a bit because – well because – you know how bears can be. This is what I overheard:

“So it’s decided. We should definitely do something to help out around here.”

“Yes, we all agree.”

“What about if we fix dinner? That would be helpful, wouldn’t it?”

“I know how to make brownies so why don’t we whip up some brownies?”

“Brownies? For dinner?! Anyone else have other ideas?”

“No one? Okay, so we’ll make brownies for dinner.”


“Uh, excuse me. Is your experience making brownies that one time that we call The Brownie Incident?”

“Well, sort of.“

“What is The Brownie Incident?”

“Let’s review for the uninitiated. The Brownie Incident started when he said we should grease the bottom of the pan. Only he thought bottom of the pan literally meant the bottom outside, not the inside. Then we proceeded to the high speed mixer which sprayed the kitchen with brownie batter.”

“Oh, is that when the brown stain in the shape of Italy on the ceiling happened? That is so cool!”

“It may seem that way to you but we were cleaning that kitchen for a week. And every time we have a geography lesson, we get escorted into the kitchen to be shown what Italy looks like on a map.”


“Other than that, how did they taste?”

“Oh, we didn’t eat them. They burned into a black crust and we had to leave the house until the smoke cleared.”

“So do you really think it’s wise for us to make brownies for dinner? Maybe we could help more by going out to swing. We wouldn’t ruin the brownie pan, we wouldn’t have to clean the kitchen, we wouldn’t have to have lessons on Italy, and we wouldn’t have to listen to Jethro, the fireman lecture us about safety in the kitchen.”

“You know, he’s got a point. We can help out around here by going out to swing.”

“What a plan! Let’s put it into action!”

And with that the bears made a bee-line past me for the back yard and I returned to my sewing having finally realized that they did learn something from The Brownie Incident after all – they finally remembered that stain on the kitchen ceiling is in the shape of Italy.


  1. the bears are ever so adorable... LOL

  2. So lovely story ! Yeah, bears are helpfull creatures ;-) Now I have to smile the whole day, thank you ;-)

  3. Hi Miss Ginger,

    Wow, we would love to meet your bears, together we would RULE. Giggle.

    Tell them, please, that they need to practice on Brownie making. And, wouldn't it be educational to have another country on your kitchen ceiling. Hahahahahaha...

    Hugs to you & your bears.

    Prudence & Sissy

  4. Que peligrosos!!!!!!!!
    Un simpatica anecdota jejejejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. I'll never look at a map of Italy again without remembering chocolate brownies and your bears! :o)

  6. (giggle...giggle) I LIKE their geography lessons--only I'd hope for unburnt brownies!

  7. ROFL, well hey, glad it stuck in their minds at last

  8. Hmm, the bears around here have yet to try their own cooking... sometimes my cats do... but not yet the bears.

    It is a pity that Italy wasn't tastier though.


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