Friday, August 13, 2010

The Mad Hatter’s Tea-BAI Party

I have loads and loads of pictures of the fantabulous TBAI Mad Hatter’s Tea on Thursday night, but I will try to share only a few of the non-blurry ones.

Less talk – more photos, Ginger.

First up - the décor:

mht_2 Alice and the Mad Hatter.  Aren’t they terrific?

mht_3The White Rabbit.  Fabulous!

mht_1I didn’t mind being at this tea party!

mht_4Teddy Bear Tea Party Guest – up for adoption!

Next I will share . . .

- a few of the guests:

mhg_1My blogging friend Cheryl of Bingle Bears and who is that with her?  That’s the guy I married.

mhg_2This is Elanor of Shantock Bears and Lex – all the way from the UK.  Aren’t they a great couple?  Elanor’s work is spectacular.  Go and check out her blog or her website.

Next – we have- the action (or not):

mha_2 I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

mha_3This is Darlene again – always with a smile on her face!


And finally – the hats . . .

A few of the hats in all their wonderful, creative silliness:

mhh_2 Meg of Pinney Bears – also from North Carolina

mhh_5The Voting Beginsmhh_3Clap!  Clap!  Clap!

mhh_4All together now!

mhh_1I would wear this hat.  Really.  I would.  Then I would take it home and let him keep me company while I sew. 

Now truly, I wish you were here.


  1. Oh, we wish we were there too.

    HOH (Heaps Of Hugs)
    All of Us

  2. Wow! What a stunning show! Bet you had fun!

  3. How great! Glad it was super fun!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Ooo! Thank you for sharing! Love the little mouse in the teacup hat. :o) Wish I could be there--so glad you're reporting for us and sharing pictures!

  5. Thank you very much for the pictures. For me ist`s great to see how funny it was. The hats are all of them gorgeus!
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Fabulous - it looks like so much fun. LOVE the hats.
    Thanks for sharing :D
    ~ Tina

  7. Descubrir tu Término dde blog y me encanta Todo Lo Que Tienes .
    El Pasado sin Rato magnifico "Viendo lo bien os lo pasasteis Que y Los sombreros tan originales y hicisteis Divertidos Que os .
    Besitos de mayo

  8. What a fantastic party, those hats are amazing!


  9. Oh that all looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing all those photos :o)

  10. OH!!!! This looks like such a fun time, thanks for sharing.

  11. What fun you all were having I'd love to do something like that (But only if someone else did it too) the hats are all fabulous!


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