Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out There

ot_1The owner of this blog is asleep, but we bears are not. We were asleep but the storm woke us up right in the middle of the night. First it was the lightning flashing like a strobe light. Then it was the thunder – crashing like . . . thunder. Then the rain came pouring down in great big drops. Lots of drops. Lots and lots of big drops.

There we were the three of us with our noses pressed against the window watching the rain and the lightning and the thunder. Well, we weren’t really watching the thunder because you can’t see thunder, but we did jump every time it boomed.

While we watched the rain pour off the gutters and run down the street, we got to talking about how glad we were that we weren’t out there in it. Then we all looked at each other. Out there?! Out there?! That’s when we rushed up here to the blog.

You see, a long time ago, we were asking about the blog and where it was exactly. The answer we were given was that it was in cyberspace. Then we asked was that in that high part of the house and we were told that was the ‘attic space’. So we asked if it was under the house and we were told that was the ‘crawl space’. “Where is cyberspace then?” we asked. That was when you-know-who waved her arms in a general direction beyond our house and said, “Out there. It’s out there.”

You can see why we became alarmed when we saw all the rain falling out there. We were afraid the blog would get rained on. That’s why we brought it an umbrella and some galoshes.

We feel pretty certain that when you-know-who sees how helpful we have been that we will get a big bowl of blueberries for breakfast.

Stay dry little blog. We’ll be back to check on you tomorrow.ot_2


  1. Don't be afrid, little bears. The blog is still here ;-).

  2. Hi Little Bears,

    Boy, our humans can make things confusing, can't they? You were so good to think of the "puter" and to get that umbrella.

    Oh Miss Ginger, you really have wonderful bears that take care of things when you aren't there. Not only should they get blueberries for breakfast, but HONEY too. (o:

    Prudence & Sissy

  3. Oh, the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down, in rushing, rising rivlets!

    I imagine a well dressed computer screen now.
    The bears are thoughtful! Perhaps... toooo thoughtful. I can appreciate their motivations though.

  4. RLOL!!! I LOVE this! What sweet, dear little bears to be so considerate to provide an umbrella and boots! Blueberries for breakfast are a must, I think!

  5. Enjoy the rest of your week! The weather has been glorious here in the mountains...unusually cool! Stay dry, little ones! ♥

  6. Awww! You are smart bears to think of that! :o)

  7. LOL! :o) I enjoyed this. We've been having thunderstorms, too, which is common for summer in Colorado. Such smart little bears...glad they're watching out for the blog.

  8. I love those bears! Now, everytime I see any sweet little one, i think of your mama, Ginger! you are sweet little children! XOXO

  9. ROFL, hope you got your blueberries for you thoughtfulness


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