Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picking up Strings and Things

Cleaning my desk for the inevitable next project, straightening this and that, and picking up strings and things has been the order of the day.

I like a brand new start – a clean slate – every so often.

I also decided to update my blog a bit. You might look at it and think, “Uh, what’s different?” but let me tell you that it took up most of the afternoon to get this far.

Firstly, I added some bear blogs to the list. It’s getting interesting with so many to visit! If you are a bear artist, you might want to see if your bear blog is listed. If not, send a link to me via email.

Next, I went through all my labels and tried to consolidate them into fewer categories. I realize that most of you smart bloggers already do this, but I am a slow learner.

Lastly, I added some book titles from my summer reading to my shelf. Not all of them, but a few. I think The Sugar Queen and Garden Spells were among my favorites, but it’s hard to choose with so many books and so little time.

So, I guess the cleaning and straightening carried over to this blog. Thankfully, the shelves here don’t need to be dusted and the floor here doesn’t need vacuuming!

And now that I have worn myself out here as well, it’s time to turn my attention to what to wear to the TBAI opening reception. It is a Mad Hatter Tea Party and I expect it will be outrageous fun. We’ve been instructed to wear hats. I’ll have to show you mine, but first I have to take a photo.

Surely I can manage that – perhaps – tomorrow?



  1. Ja, I know it... sometimes is good too clean up for a new start :-)
    And yes... we would like to be in your bear blog list ;-) (http://goodjujubears.blogspot.com)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Miss Ginger,

    We love your Blog, and change is always fun. Your Mad Hatter's hat - hm, we think the bears should be part of its creation and certainly want to help you in any way they can. "WE WORK FOR HONEY" (o:

    Hugs & smiles,
    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom too, of course)

  3. Te ha quedado genial, el tuneo de tu blog.
    Espero ver foto de tu sombrero jejeje
    besitos ascension

  4. Hmm, maybe I should start a bookshelf... I have a list of books I've read this year... but that's it so far.

    I kind of want a "Books I've Read" list that works like the blog archive area... so that I could keep track month by month and year by year... and most importantly, collapse them down so they don't make my page a million miles long!

  5. the summer clean!...before satr the new school year..well, the nexta part of the year...

  6. Ahh, I love a good clean out now and again! Looking forward to seeing what hat you chose :o)

  7. I had to do the same thing in my studio, just so my domestic could get in there to clean but I couldn't wait to get it all out again.
    Mama Bear


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